Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Kudo's to the county for the effort to get rid of the CTran tax extortion districts.

One of the many reasons I oppose the election of Marc Boldt to anything was his support of the CTran taxing district scam, and his subsequent support of CTran tax increases, most noticeably the scam they ran where Boldt made his now infamous robo-call... something he knows has and will continue to damage him, since his surrogates are repeating the lie that said robo call was "...a strictly neutral statement, which only urged people to get out and vote, and did not indicate a preference for their vote."

Here is the actual robocall.  Listen to it (it's 30 seconds or so) and draw your own conclusion:

As I understand it, a way forward has been found to dissolve the taxing district that Boldt so rabidly supported and voted for back in 2005, making future CTran tax scamming efforts county-wide.

The impact and purpose of the CTran tax district scam was to cut out thousands of rural voters who said "no" to their extortion.

We have to pay this nonsensical tax, but we were not and are not allowed to have any say on what and how it's spent on, since CTran has proven that they don't give a damn what we want.

Boldt was a big part of that.  And that's yet another reason why I do not want him in government... now or ever.

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