Wednesday, September 02, 2015

It's just sad that Carolyn Crain continues to lie for Marc Boldt and eliminate the comments of those who don't agree.

So, as readers here know, I strongly oppose the election of Marc Boldt to anything.

Part of that was Boldt's support of tax increases generally and the CTran tax increase scam in particular, the now-infamous effort where Boldt did his robo call.

Local political gadfly Carolyn Crain has a two-pronged approach to this issue: she hates anything to do with the local GOP since they refused to endorse her ongoing losing efforts to get elected to anything in the 49th; and she'll support Marc Boldt as a result so much that she'll literally lie for him.

Take this, from that moronic post excusing Boldt's screw ups, troweled out shortly before the last GOP PCO meeting where Boldt actually showed up for the first time in the 3 years he's been a PCO, and where he was subsequently humiliated by the PCO's rejection of his leftist candidacy.

"Third: that Robo call. Marc claims he made a strictly neutral statement, which only urged people to get out and vote, and did not indicate a preference for their vote."

This means that somebody is lying:

Boldt lied to Crain; or Crain lied to us, because here is the very robocall where Boldt URGED PASSAGE OF THE CTRAN TAX INCREASE:

In this instance, I believe it's Crain that wrote this garbage and made it up along the way.  I can't believe that Marc would lie about it, as he knows that this recording is out there... and that he'd be hearing about and WILL be hearing about it.

And you also know that a politician is in serious trouble when they're reduced to lying about their record... or having people acting as surrogates lie about it.

 I've repeatedly commented that Crain was suckered in by this scam... if the meeting in question ever even happened... and who knows if it did or not, since Crain is continuing to foment this lie even after I proved it to be a lie.

Now, of course, I can no longer comment on any of Crain's lies when she puts them out. But I can certainly comment on them under circumstances like this.

Obviously, she is so full of hate that even the truth makes no difference to her when she hears it.

So, while I have been restricted from commenting directly on her lies when she writes them, I do have other ways to respond... and I will.

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