Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Once again, I'm asked: "why do you support Liz Pike over your own brother-in-law for office?"

I had already supplied this answer on a facebook page in response to some bizarre comments left on Boldt's campaign facebook page (I'm blocked from his personal page, but that's neither here nor there.)

In a nutshell, here it is:
As a "conservative," Marc voted to raise our property taxes 6 out of the 8 years he was in office. When did Liz do that? 
Marc voted FOR the idiocy of the Charter scam. When did Liz do that? Or do you forget that she opposed it and actually campaigned against it? 
As a "conservative," Marc rabidly supported that rip off of the CRC/Loot Rail/Toll Scam. Liz fought it tooth and nail for years... so when did Liz support that? 
Marc PERSONALLY lied to me about holding an advisory vote on the CRC, telling me that he would make that happen.  When did Liz ever lie about the CRC in ANY way? 
As a "Republican," when Marc announced, it was, allegedly, as a "Conservative Republican" in the Columbian, then as a "moderate Republican" in the Reflector and then as no Republican at all.  When has Liz done that? 
As a "conservative," Marc voted FOR an unconstitutional gun grabber ordinance; an ordinance I, as his brother-in-law, TOLD him was unconstitutional only to be told by him that the "legislature gave them the authority, and if I had a problem with that, take it up with them." When did Liz EVER vote for any gun-grabbing law? 
As a "conservative," Marc sought out and received the pro-abortion, pro-Occupy endorsement of the Young Democrats. Do you think he talked about God to THEM? And when did Liz Pike do that? 
As a "conservative," Marc rabidly supported the CTran taxing district scam, designed to cut out the rural vote while not cutting out the requirement that we PAY their taxes... when did Liz do that? 
And most recently, Marc lied about his infamous robo-call, falsely claiming that he only called to get people out TO vote, without telling them HOW to vote.  Why would he lie about that?  And when has Liz Pike EVER called people to ask them to increase their taxes? 
I worked for the man for 6 years. I was his front office. I cleaned up and sent out his correspondence, I did his case work, and I am his brother-in-law. 
PLEASE do not try to tell me you know him better than I do or know more about him than I do or know anything more about either his politics or his positions on the issues.
You don't. And he is no more "conservative" than my Spaniels. 
I appreciate your loyalty. But it is misplaced and he is not who you think he is. That's precisely why he's running as an independent. He doesn't want to be held accountable to ANYONE. 
So, yes... in every measurable way, Liz Pike IS "more conservative." 
And why you believe that this guy, driven by his hatred of Madore (Did he make any effort to change county government when HE was benefiting from it? Of course not.) would do anything different this time around? 
Marc has done absolutely nothing to differentiate himself from Dalesandro. They both have the same positions on the issues confronting us. 
Maybe you want someone who would cripple us with tolls and increase our property taxes as he did so many times in the past. 
I don't.
Had Marc remembered who he was and what his task was; specifically, to bring to and vote with a conservative bent to government, he'd have no quarrel from me, and I would support him as much as I did his campaigns for the House and initially for county commission.

His record of governance is fair game.  And, on a personal level, he's become increasingly arrogant and quarrelsome towards those who do not support him.

In short, he is in no way the man he used to be.  And no one alive outside of his immediate family knows him, particularly in governance, better than I do. 

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