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Crain being introspective?

So, I was checking out one of the FB groups I'm in and I see this:
Carolyn Crain 9 hrsVancouver, WAEdited
The current leadership who seems hell bent on functioning in a vaccum[sic] of puristic ideology on a very frequent and extremely public basis is so thick now it will be hard to wash off. They call anyone who doesn't agree with them 100% RINO, Liberal, and Establishment. 
So I guess being a long time activist and a loyal Republican means that I am no longer grassroots because... oh yeah, they got off their sofas finally. 
This was posted on another Facebook page today with a reminder that ALL of them and ONLY them were elected to statewide office in Washington State in eons.
Question: Who among the following is NOT a RINO? 
Dan Evans
John Spellman
Slade Gorton
Rob McKenna
Ken Eikenberry
Joel Pritchard
Lud Kramer
Bruce Chapman
Ralph Munro
Sam Reed
Kim Wyman
There's such an utter-cluelessness, on so many levels.... that it's hard to know precisely where to begin.

But I'll give it a shot:

Being a long-time anything doesn't make you right.  So who cares how long you've been wrong?

Like many of our local leftist RINO types, Crain is all about labels... when it suits them.

See, Crain has thrown an absolute fit, even going so far as to either lie outright, or forwarding lies from Marc Boldt... the SAME Boldt who dumped the GOP label when it suited him, and then came crawling back to try and get the local GOP to endorse HIS leftist candidacy... only to be humiliated and on the wrong end of the vote, an overwhelming rejection.

And while their may be some "egg on the face of the local party," NO ONE has broken more shells and thrown more of the resulting mess than this woman.... even putting together a lie of a group name to "endorse" Boldt, as if he was actually endorsed by the GOP.

She does her best to create this mess, and then complains because she believes she's been at least partially successful in her efforts?

She lists a group of Republicans and asks, rhetorically, I presume, who among them is not a RINO?

They all are.  They were all to the political left.  Particularly Sam Reed, who was an abysmal disaster that came into my office after he was elected in 2000, whining because the state GOP wouldn't write him a check to cover his $10,000 campaign debt.  Since she asked.

But that merely goes to the on again/off again reliance on labels.

See, there's a segment of RINOs out there, such as Crain and Boger, who would support Heinrich Himmler if he ran as a Republican.

Otherwise bright people like Boger lose their collective minds and state obvious lies ("Boldt is a conservative." was Brent's latest whopper.) to support Boldt.  Clearly, Marc, who has morphed into something absolutely unrecognizable from the days when he actually WAS a conservative, is anything but.

His county governance history, which is anything EXCEPT "conservative," makes zero difference to these people.

Oddly, they provide absolutely nothing to support their position... and that's the irony of all of this: the EVIDENCE suggest that Marc has lurched so far left that he's shaking hands with Lenin... yet the RINO's, who are by no means conservatives themselves, insist Boldt is one, and they will do their best to tear the party to pieces to prove it.

Crain wants Boldt, who screwed the people of this county sideways in so many ways, to win so badly that she completely ignores his history of what he's done while a commissioner.

It's not that these RINOs don't know Boldt's record.  It's that they're willing to lie about it and ignore it to get what they want.

In their own way, they're following the C3G2 hate group strategy: in fact, their efforts here are a mirror image.

For many, their support isn't based on anything that might make Boldt the best candidate.  It is, instead, an ipso facto kind of thing:  The local GOP opposes Boldt, therefore, I support him.

Do you think any of these clowns would be attacking the local GOP mechanism if they had drank the Kool Aid and bought Boldt's whinny titty-baby born-again Republican shtick?

Nope.  By attacking the mechanism that Boldt made an abortive attempt to subvert, the goal is to belittle it and make it as unimportant as possible, in an effort to inoculate against their inevitable efforts to remind people of how Boldt betrayed them in the entirety of time he was a commissioner.

Crain wrongly refers to herself as a "loyal Republican."

In this case, she's a "loyal Republican" busting her ass to support someone who ISN'T a Republican over someone who is.

In this case, she's doing all she can to get a leftist elected over an actual Republican.

In this case, She's attacking the local GOP with everything she can dream up, true or false... because they refused to endorse her candidacy last year, choosing Lisa Ross instead. 

This amounts to pay back for that.

In sum, Crain has become a whack job, a petulant jerk of a caricature... a political gadfly and perennial losing candidate who simply cannot understand why so many believe her to be wrong.

You see, labels are meaningless.  You can, for example, CLAIM to be a "loyal Martian."  But it's your deeds that prove your assertion.

And no one... NO ONE supporting Boldt has come up with anything conservative in his record while a commissioner in the face of his glued-to-the-hip voting record wherein he looks like he and Steve Stuart were separated at birth... and we all know that Steve Stuart never "represented" any body... he said so himself.

Hopefully, this will help her to come to grips with why more and more people laugh at her, instead of with her.

And Carolyn?

You can stop sniveling now.

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