Sunday, September 06, 2015

I'm accused by a Boldt surrogate of being "angry". I plead guilty.

Someone deep inside the Boldt regime is sending me little snarky comments here.  The latest claims I am "Angry."

I suspect it's my sister-in-law, but only suspect it.  I believe they're deep inside because of the knowledge they have of communications via text message that Marc/Dawn Boldt and I have had which just recently ceased.

But I admit it: I am angry.

Regular readers know that when I get lied to by those elected to govern us, I GET angry.

While others take political lies in stride, I would point out that those doing the lying do so to manipulate us into doing their bidding.  In everything from the largest fraud perpetrated against the American people in our recent history, the Obamacare fraud, all the way down through the CRC/Loot Rail fraud to the Sen. Ann Rivers' gas tax fraud, politicians have lied to us in ways that are so overt, so over the top and so obvious that those who should be shocked into action, namely, other allegedly honest elected officials simply remain silent, shrugging their shoulders and asking the typically rhetorical question:  Politicians lie?  Who knew?  As if.

As if that excused them.

As if we shouldn't care.

As if that's just the nature of doing business.

As if the voters are a bunch of gullible louts, incapable of thinking for themselves... reinforcing that maybe Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber had a point when he famously observed that "The American voter is stupid, and we count on that stupidity."

Hell, in our state, lying has become so ingrained in politics that the scum sitting on the State Supreme Court have legalized it as a campaign tool.

Instead of holding liars accountable, we, apparently, insist on reelecting them.  Instead of holding those who perpetrate the frauds against the voter accountable, we insist on bailing them out, like Rivers and the GOP Senate did on the Pot Bill by cutting their tax burden in half.... merely reducing it from an astronomical lie ($582 million per year promised; never exceeding 10% of that figure to date) to a jaw-dropping lie (Cutting the pot tax... that we voted in... in half... a number we're not going to see for years... since even that figure would require every man, woman and child in this state to buy enough pot to gin up roughly $35 each in tax revenue... and how likely is that when first, Oregon's prices will be much lower and second, you can buy pot off the street for 2/3rds or less of the retail price?)

I have wrecked relationships over political lies.  I offend many by doing that.  Many who claim to be decent and honorable and have integrity... such as Brent Boger.

I don't merely forget that scum lie to get elected about their platforms.  I don't forget that Tim "The Liar" Leavitt manipulated people into voting for him by lying about his toll position on the CRC Scam, my efforts to warn people notwithstanding.

I don't forget that Scott Weber, our county clerk, lied about doing away with his position as an elected official if elected... only to sit on his ass and collect that near 6 figure check, doing nothing to achieve that goal.

I don't forget that my own state senator, Ann "gas tax" Rivers of the 18th District, lied as a part of her senatorial campaign when she pledged not to support a gas tax or tab fee increase only to do the very thing that she pledged not to do.

And I certainly won't forget that my own brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, lied to my face over holding a county-wide advisory vote on the CRC in February of 2010.

"I will neither lie, not cheat, nor steal , nor allow a misleading silence to continue, nor tolerate anyone who does."

Simple, really.

So, I go after Marc, who has lied to me, lied to us, laughed at our efforts to vote on the largest issue to confront this county, voted for an unconstitutional gun-grabber bill that I warned him about back in 2005, voted to allow CTran to exclude as many as 60,000 rural voters from having a say on as tax increases while we do, indeed, pay their tax; personally worked to increase the CTran tax by doing a robo call and then lied about THAT; and who ignored the majority of the people of this county when it came to the second most horrific fraud of all, second only to the Rivers' gas tax scam, the CRC.


I'm angry.

I did not wear a uniform for 14 years, spending 6-plus of those years overseas merely to sit by and just let this happen.

In fact, I'll take it a step further to whoever "Karl" is:

Anger doesn't being to cover it.

And I don't give a damn that people like Boger, or the Deputy Mayor of Battle Ground, or "Karl" or Marc or anyone else has a problem with it.

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