Friday, August 28, 2015

The yellow journalism of Katie Gillespie and her employer?

Isn't it nice when a "reporter" feels compelled to write about someone... anyone... without contacting them for comment, first?

But when you bring the level of bias and hatred to the table of a democratian reporter, I guess half-assed "journalism" is the best you can do.  The problem here is simple: were I to be fighting as hard for the democratian's leftist agenda as I am against it, I'd be a community hero.

This sort of thing is the price you pay to fight the power.  And I can live with it.

I'll leave it to Lew Waters' capable and talented keyboard to respond:

Gillespie’s Smear Effort Falls Flat

Disclaimer: The following should not be construed as in support of or in opposition to any campaign currently underway. It is merely a “setting the record straight” effort on my part.
Boris ColumbianWe recently saw a new junior reporter show up at the Lazy C, Katie Gillespie to replace or take over where ├╝ber leftist Stephanie Rice left off.
In a brief exchange with Ms. Gillespie shortly after she was seen participating in the C3G2 hate site on facebook, she assured me of how “proud she is of her objectivity.”
Apparently she and I have all together different definitions of the word “objectivity.”
Be that as it may, being the county political reporter for the Lazy C, she is center in the current fiasco in the campaign for County Council Chair and has apparently stumbled across a 5 year old post written by fellow blogger, Kelly Hinton who now supports the write-in effort for Liz Pike over electing his brother-in-law, former Commissioner Marc Boldt.
The 5-year old post called into question Ms. Pike’s conservative credentials, something both conservative and liberal bloggers are known to do concerning their respective candidates.
Gillespie’s post, Pike and Boldt share political sin in common seems more designed to give the local RPCCGOP a black eye, not that they need much help there, being fully capable of being asses on their own.
Getting back to Hinton, Gillespie states,
“In a 2010 blog post, Hinton claims that because Pike’s business, Pike Advertising Agency, had sold political ads to Democratic candidates, that she too may be a Democrat.”
“Now, I don’t know how much sway Hinton actually has within the general Republican party. Futhermore, I don’t think that Pike selling a service to those she may may disagree politically is necessarily reason to question her leanings.”
“But Hinton has certainly made a 180-degree turn where Pike is concerned…”
As are repeatedly reminded when pointing out switcheroo’s from liberal politicians, opinions are not carved in stone and are subject to reversal as people gain more information.
I don’t know how Gillespie managed to just stumble upon that 2010 post, though, and miss a later post written by Hinton on January 24, 2012, Rough start: Liz Pike announces for the 18 where Hinton clearly states,
“In the past, I have hammered Pike. But to her credit, she has contacted me directly to discuss my concerns and past political issues.”
“She is the only candidate in 6 years to directly address the concerns I have expressed in this blog.”
“Wasn’t easy for her to do, and she did it.”
What strikes me here is just back in June, merely weeks ago, when the subject came up of Mayor Leavitt being the one that originally made a claim on tolls for the now comatose CRC being a high as $8 and he popped in on her facebook page to justify and explain, she replied to Leavitt,
“And regardless, what you said six years ago does not necessarily pertain to the claims Councilor Madore is making today. If I were to fact-check every claim every politician has made ever–including the ones that predate me by years–I’d get nothing done.”
Apparently, in the world of yellow journalism the Lazy C is known for, being “objective” does not include doing your homework before slapping someone.

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