Friday, August 28, 2015

So, if you oppose Boldt, you must hate him?

When commenting on his overwhelming rejection of the local GOP that he had rejected to get on the ballot, my rather clueless brother-in-law is quoted as saying this:
"There's a little hatred in the 40 or 45 people that follow Madore's thoughts," Boldt said. "It goes along with the course. I know they're against me."
No leftist pandering there, eh, Marc?

Here's the thing: I do not hate Marc Boldt.  I don't hate anything about him, except for one thing: his politics.

Marc wants to be liked.  I get that... who doesn't?  Certainly those in politics need a likability quotient to be successful... just ask Hillary. But some in politics rely on that entirely too much,  And those, like Marc, that live on that sort of thing are easy to manipulate... easy to be "guided."

After all, Steve Stuart owned Marc like he had a receipt for him and the 13th Amendment hadn't been passed.  Democrats became a huge part of Marc's circle... and they took ownership of him like he had no mind of his own... which led this formerly arch conservative Republican to slowly but surely begin to sell out... to the extent that in this cycle, Marc sought out and received the endorsement of the Young Democrats, a local group of the fringe of the fringe left... and how could he do that if he didn't agree with their aims... which I don't believe were/are particularly conservative?

In the end, what's going to do Marc in politically isn't his hatred.  What's going to do him in is his record.  What's going to do him in are his poor decisions and his failure to learn from those decisions. What's going to do him in is his OWN peculiar brand of hatred.  And what's going to do him in is choices he's made such as running away from the GOP, only to come back and try and use them to get elected in the face of a likely political threat from his right.

What's going to do him in is a years long record of ignoring the people he allegedly served (look up "Servant leader" and "Boldt" for a little taste.) and doggedly pursuing the interests and expenditures of the downtown mafia generally and democrats particularly.

Lew Waters said it best:
"Boldt comes out whining like a little titty baby."
What Marc SHOULD have done... and BE doing... is to stop whining and treat the write-in as just another campaign.

What Boldt SHOULD have said was simply this:
"I look forward to a discussion of the issues and allowing the people of Clark County to react to that.  I know Liz Pike personally, she has been a friend and has worked on some of my campaigns.  This is going to be a hard fought battle and I look forward to the challenge."
Instead, we get Marc whining about "hate" and the guy running his campaign, Jim Mains, whining about, well, campaigns, as if Marc's record is somehow off limits.

Tsk, tsk.

Meanwhile, I find it hard to believe that the 73% or so of those who voted for other candidates in the last primary actually "hate" Marc, just like it's hard to believe that those who overwhelmingly voted to oppose Marc because of what he's done... and failed to do... in the local GOP "hate" him.

But I'm sure that for Marc to feel that way gives him some small level of comfort.

Introspection can be very painful when you've been wrong... but just refuse to admit it to yourself.

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