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Jim Mains, blowing it again for Marc Boldt - When Mains babbles, why isn't he telling people he works for Boldt?

Jim Mains, who is one of the leftist partners of something called "High Five Media," was a name I hadn't heard of that I can recall before the 2012 cycle.

That was the fateful year that saw my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, get blown out of office by David Madore.

Several things were made clear with that campaign.  When it comes to Jim Mains, the number one item made clear is the man is a liar and a hypocrite.

I opposed Marc's re-election to county commissioner in 2012.   I oppose his election to council chair in 2015.  I did not vote for David Madore, either.  (I actually wrote in Mickey Mouse or something, if memory serves.)

I will oppose any election where Boldt is ever involved as a candidate. No one knows him better outside of his immediate family, because I worked for him as his legislative assistant for 6 sessions in Olympia and as his office down here when we were not in session.

In 2012, my opposition to Marc was public and loud.  This year, it's going to be even MORE public and much louder.

There's a wide variety of reasons for that; but the biggest of those is the simplest: Boldt learned nothing from his defeat last time, nor has he learned anything from his complete rejection by the GOP THIS time.  And those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it... and if he was elected here, we would be repeating his disastrous, tin-eared, "ignore the people for his agenda" shtick that we were cursed with 8 years of experiencing before.

That said, Mains first jumped on to my radar screen when word reached me from multiple sources that he was out there lying in an effort to explain my opposition to Marc.  And that's when he sank to the bottom of my local political scum list.

The explanation the Boldt campaign generally, and Jim Mains particularly, was using was this:

I opposed Boldt because Madore was paying me.

As if.

David Madore has never paid me a cent.

But Mains could no more tell the truth then than he can now: I oppose Marc Boldt because he's almost everything I despise in politics.

Mains, who is getting PAID by Boldt, goes out in public and whines and snivels like the punk he is over the issues impacting his candidate.

He was outed by Lew Waters a few days back for making people believe that when responses were happening on Boldt's campaign facebook page, those responses were coming from Marc... when instead, they were coming from Mains.

Boldt desperately tried to stave off the impending write-in effort against him, going so far as to have the RINO faction of the PCO's run a laughable effort to have the CCGOP endorse HIM over a Republican in the write-in campaign.  His effort, much like his tenure in office as a commissioner, failed miserably.

The local GOP not only voted to endorse the write in campaign, they voted to oppose Boldt and Dalsesandro in the upcoming election.  And what follows here is Jim Mains' (And remember, Mains is getting PAID by Boldt) take on the GOP effort from under the article in the democratian detailing these decisions:
Jim Mains · Partner and Director of Strategy and Campaigns at High Five MediaIt just means they can go dirty, play dirty and defame both of the top two canidates[sic] character. Nothing new, this wing of the GOP are good at that with their signs, mailers, commercials, radio ads and robo calls. Nothing new. Truly sad to see this kind of hatred. Thank you Mike and Marc for taking the pledge to have a postive[sic] campaign toward each other.Like · Reply · 8 · 11 hrs
How hypocritical.

That Boldt has lost in the past with this clown is not surprising: I wouldn't let Mains run an elevator for me, let alone my campaign strategy.

And while Mains is certainly entitled to an opinion, this comment is because he knows what's coming.

This decision, which, like mine, was based on Boldt's RECORD (None of those opposed to Boldt hate him; we just don't want him in our government)  as if, somehow, talking about his actual, factual, record is off limits.

But as Marc's fellow leftist, that Mains' would engage in hypocrisy like this is not surprising.

Also not surprising is what motivated this post:

As I said, Mains is working directly for the Young Democrat endorsed Boldt.

But when you read his comments out there where he sounds like a sniveling 4 year old preschooler that just skinned his knees, he never mentions that he is getting a check from Boldt.

You know... the same thing he said about me and Madore... even though it was a lie?

Because to actually refer people who have questions about my opposition to Boldt to ME, so *I* can explain it... well, they certainly don't want to do THAT.

But when Mains babbles about Marc... where does he mention that he's working for him?

No where.

Why doesn't he?

Because to make sure that people know he's working for Boldt tends to result in a somewhat different perspective regarding those comments, since most out there DON'T know that Mains drove Boldt's 2012 campaign off a cliff, and he's gearing up to do the same here.

Ultimately, we can begin the process of renaming Boldt's current campaign as the "2015 Whining and Sniveling Tour."

And while most of the responsibility for that rests with Boldt, it won't be because Mains came through for him with anything better.

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