Thursday, August 27, 2015

OK... so what does the "Now Boldt is going to lose" faction do?

OK, we're hearing it.  Particularly from a certain faction of the party who made the rather fallacious claim at the PCO meeting last night that it's not up to her to "... decide who is a Republican or not."

I say it's fallacious because she infers that such a decision doesn't matter... or that she's incapable of making it... and that flies in the face of her multiple assurances on facebook, repeated over and over, that Boldt somehow is, in fact, a Republican.

Odd, that.

Boldt, apparently, lied to these people, forgetting that, in this instance, we kept a copy of his infamous, "raise taxes for CTran" robo call.

We are told by that faction that:
Third: that Robo call. Marc claims he made a strictly neutral statement, which only urged people to get out and vote, and did not indicate a preference for their vote. 
Which, of course, was a total crock.

My response, which I knew would make zero difference with these people who hate conservatives, was this:
"that Robo call. Marc claims he made a strictly neutral statement, which only urged people to get out and vote, and did not indicate a preference for their vote." 
OK, since he lied to you about that... does it matter that he lied? Are you too deep into your support of this leftist to recognize it?

BOTH you and Carolyn were already supporting Marc. So since you'd already made the decision, why does any of what you have to say here matter?

Marc's record speaks for itself. He ignored the people of this county in rabidly supporting the CRC/Loot Rail/Toll scam, he raised our property taxes 6 out of the 8 years he was a commissioner, he dumped the GOP to run for this gig, he voted for an unconstitutional gun-grab and he sought out and accepted the endorsement of the pro-abortion young democrats... and you are going to tell ME he's a CONSERVATIVE?

There is NOTHING he wouldn't say or do to get your support.

Even lie... as he did here.

God, but you people are gullible.

As I expected, it made zero difference.  When Crain's crew was crushed in the vote to endorse Boldt, by 2 to 1 opposed, they did what these types always do under the circumstances:

They left.

As I understand it, in addition to endorsing the write-in campaign, the GOP went on to vote to actively oppose the candidacies of former Republican Boldt and democrat Dalesandro.

The nay-sayers are wandering around claiming that the election is now handed over to the democrat.

Since, on most issues of policy, including the CRC Scam and raising taxes and fees... as well as ignoring the voters once they get into office and doing all they can to avoid voter input in matters of policy and tax/fee increases, there's little to no discernible difference between these two, it really doesn't matter; save for the label of "democrat," which if either of these two get elected... that position... and argument... is weak to non-existent.

A chair with Boldt in it would be no different than one with Dalesandro in it.  And that makes the write-in an easy choice to both make and support.

A properly ran, strategized and executed write-in campaign IS possible.  Neither the local GOP nor the people of this county have anything to lose, here.  There is no Republican on the ballot, no matter how much the RINO faction claims that Boldt is one, so, therefore, this whole thing became easy.

Which brings us to the question at hand: if, as we've been told repeatedly, Boldt can no longer win... then what is the point in supporting him?

The numbers and percentages in the primary speak for themselves.  Had it been David Madore by himself in the primary instead of with 2 other Republicans, the overwhelming likelihood is that he would have advanced to the general and Boldt, who ultimately got fewer votes than Dalesandro, would have been eliminated.

In this instance, the write-in candidate does not need a majority: in this three way race, all that's required is a plurality.  Given the closeness of Dalesandro/Boldt in the vote, 35% could win this race.

So, the Boldt supporters have a choice: if they truly believe he's going to lose... if they truly believe that a Republican should get the Chair position... then the choice for them seems to be fairly straightforward:

Peel off Boldt and move to Pike and the write-in.

The numbers support a victory here.  The right messaging and appeal to the conservative base can be enough to make this happen.

To Boldt supporters... I urge you to think carefully.  And know you do have options.

The Young Democrats, who are even to the left of the normal, radical fringe-leftists of the democrat party endorsed Boldt: let them carry his water.

You can continue to support and vote for Boldt, "knowing" that he is now going to lose...


You can join the write-in campaign and provide a vote that matters... a vote that will make a difference.

The choice is up to you, party notwithstanding.  And the party organization has made it clear: Boldt is not the guy.

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