Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review of last night's Boldt skewer.

Two Disclaimers for housekeeping purposes:

1.  I am Marc Boldt's brother-in-law and I oppose his election.

2.  I did not attend the PCO meeting once I found out that a democratian reporter was going to be there to live tweet this thing.

Last night, Marc Boldt discovered, perhaps, that his two biggest enemies are, first, Marc Boldt and second, Carolyn Crain.

Crain, best known for endorsing fringe-left democrat and a CTran tool, Chief C3G2 hater Chuckie Green, running for District 2 county council, was a rabid Boldt supporter from the get-go... democrat voting record notwithstanding.

Whenever there's a PCO meeting, she does her best to take it over.  If you're not with her agenda, she objects, obfuscates and effectively attempts to become the shadow chair of the party.

Last night was no exception, and Boldt's ploy to use her to front for him was even more moronic than the speech he gave to try and get the GOP endorsement.

Boldt, who remains sanctioned from 2011 when the party under the chairmanship of Brandon Vick kicked his butt out for being Steve Stuart's lackey on, among other things, the CRC/Light Rail/Tolling scam in the face of massive opposition generally and GOP opposition specifically; knows that he can easily lose this race to a write-in candidate coming in from his right and is terrified of the prospect.

How else can he explain this poorly thought out and incompetently executed effort to scam the GOP endorsement?

Boldt's pathetic speech came across this way:

Katie Gillespie

Katie Gillespie @newsladykatie
Boldt says he served as much and as well as he could as a councilor.
Katie Gillespie

Katie Gillespie @newsladykatie
Boldt said it would be easier to serve as a chair if he serves as a non-partisan.
Katie Gillespie

Katie Gillespie @newsladykatie
Boldt says it is easier not to have a letter behind your name.
Katie Gillespie

Katie Gillespie @newsladykatie
"As you know, I was a freeholder," Boldt says. Says he suggested as a freeholder that the county council be a non-partisan race.

One of the things I always tell my candidates is this: tailor your message to your audience.  Reminding the Party opposed to the Charter that you helped write that stupidity?

Not smart.

Focusing on the reasons the Party shouldn't, apparently, exist when you're standing in front of one of the two most partisan groups in the county?

Down right stupid.

See, you may WANT it both ways, but you can rarely have it both ways.

Thus, we see the influence of fringe-leftist Jim Mains, who is running his SECOND Boldt campaign (Getting clobbered by Madore in 2012 was the first) off a cliff... unless Marc didn't even discuss this political effort to pour gasoline on himself and light it with Mains... who, presumably, would have set Boldt straight.

Marc, of course, also failed to present any goals, policies or plans that would show a GOP bent.  He effectively gave the local GOP exactly zero reason to support him, given his abandonment of his job as PCO (Failing to show up for any GOP function for 3 years until now... when he needs GOP support... is pretty pathetic when you look at it.) and his equally pathetic voting record as a commissioner when he was in the pocket of democrat Steve Stuart and the downtown mafia while he was busily ignoring the people of this county.

Yes, I heard from Boldt's supporters who have/had precisely zero reason the GOP should support this guy, save for the claim that to take the step of endorsing a write-in is to "give the race to the democrat."

Let me say at the outset that a properly focused, properly financed write-in campaign can win this.  Relatively easily.

Those claiming otherwise simply don't know what the hell they're talking about.

To Boldt's credit (He is a rabid reader of my little effort here) he recognizes the threat: this is a GOP county and he is not and has not been a part of the GOP for a decade now.  But last night was the first GOP function he has attended in something like 4 years.  So how does THAT work?

And secondary to that, in real terms, BOTH of the clowns actually on the ballot ARE democrats.

So, here is what the GOP was faced with until last night:

There is no Republican or conservative on the ballot.

Both of the candidates on the ballot are democrats.

If they did nothing, there was zero chance of a Republican winning... and a democrat would win.

If they do this, there is at least a good chance of a Republican winning... whereas doing nothing results in the worst possible outcome:  a democrat chair.

With no discernible difference in policy between Boldt and Dalesandro... who cares if a real democrat wins or a fake democrat wins both are just as bad as each other?

The write-in is the only logical step to take.  And if the GOPer's like Carolyn Crain and the other leftists coalesce behind Pike... then she WILL win since Boldt and Dalesandro will split the leftist vote...

This entire debacle was Boldt's doing.  When Boldt first announced, he claimed he was running as a conservative Republican to the democratian; and then he morphed into what he called a "moderate Republican" to the Reflector, finally kicking the GOP label altogether.

RINO's like Crain all declared that Boldt was a "Republican," when Boldt himself did everything he could to abandon the label in a fit of political expedience.  When Marc looks in a mirror today and ponders how any of this could have happened, all he has to do is point in ever-shrinking concentric circles that end up with him.

He had 3+ years to work on repairing the damage he caused along with working on repairing his relationship with the party.  As a PCO, he is uniquely positioned to achieve that.

But since his election to PCO is based on nothing more than petulance, he failed to lift a finger to make that happen... and last night was the result.

Marc's fellow leftists, gathering under the article, including the aforementioned Jim Mains, who has carefully avoided broadcasting the fact that he's running Boldt's campaign, swing around on Lying Lefty Lou's playground swing set, babbling about a great deal they know nothing about and have no say over, spewing their usual C3G2-style partisan hatred.

And that's the kind of thing the rag so loves to see.

Meanwhile, I was going to write in Pike regardless.  Now, the choice is between a conservative Republican and what amounts to a pair of democrats.

When the outcome before the write-in was limited to two democrats regardless... the cause for the upset of the Boldt camp and the left is entirely based on the threat this effort poses to their campaigns.

Otherwise... why would they care?

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