Saturday, August 29, 2015

So, the top two GOP'ers in national polling have never held office.... why is that?

I was struck by a saying that surfaced a few years ago, that went something like this:

"The Ark was built by amateurs... the Titanic by professionals," or words to that effect.

So.... why are those who've never held office doing so well against the "experienced" field?

Right now, the anger against the establishment... on both sides of the spectrum... is so great as to be close to incalculable.

Ultimately, I believe that on the GOP side, it's anger against those who are associated with government, even when they've done good... the tinge of government involvement covers them like a blanking, blinding many to their good qualities... and magnifying their possible weaknesses.

I freely admit, out of most of these guys, I was a big Walker fan.  Then I found out he was willing to throw $250 million of his Wisconsin taxpayer's dollars... without asking them... at the Milwaukee Bucks to keep that NBA franchise in that state.

I don't want the kind of thinking that can throw money at millionaires in government anywhere.  So when I found that out, it made me a free agent again.

I'm not committed to any of these guys.  The list of those I won't vote for remains fairly static, however... and it's the usual suspects, establishment types that are so beholdin' to the insiders that you can't tell much of a difference between those claiming to be R's and those claiming to be D's.

At this point, I admit it.  I admire Dr. Carson, Fiorina and Trump.  Cruz is worth some consideration; anyone with the balls to call their senior leader a "liar," true or not, has to be kept in mind in this day and age.

But the idea that the GOP will put someone up who doesn't share at least some of the views of these four is highly unlikely, indeed.

Anger is what's putting them there.  Anger will keep them there, since the rest of them are simply terrified to actually speak to the issues we care about.

Will the establishment just fume?  Or will they understand that their collective failure to keep their promises to the electorate who put them there has resulted in this anomaly? 

Do they understand that political expediency and fear are not the way?

Do they get that we're here in large part because of their many failures?

We'll see.  But it ain't looking like it.

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