Thursday, August 13, 2015

The local "when rape is inevitable" GOP crowd.

Local perennial candidate Carolyn Crane is out leading the charge for democrat Marc Boldt... much like she did for Chuck Green in the 2nd Councilor district.

This FB exchange was sent to me yesterday, and a quick review shows precisely what I'm talking about.
  • Ed Elder Boldt is no Republican. Turned his back on the party to please Vancouver liberals. I'll write in Madores name on my ballot thank you.
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    • Republicans of Clark County Your vote under Washington state law, will not be counted and will be an undervote due to the fact that he ran in the primary. This happen a couple of years ago in the State Attorney Generals race. We now have Bob Ferguson thanks to several RLC rank and file who wrote in Steve Pigeon after he had lost in the primary. Ferguson won, the democrat progressive, over the Republican that many thought was too liberal, Reagan Dunn. I do not appreciate being handed that loss by just a few thousand votes.
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    • Ed Elder Boldt turned his back on the party, I will NOT vote for him.
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    • Ed Elder At least I know where Mike Dalesandro stands. I have no idea with Boldt anymore.
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    • Ed Elder I'd vote for anyone but Boldt.
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Elder nails it.  But Crain's radar detects some political advantage in backing democrat Boldt, precisely like she did when she backed fringe-left C3G2 hater Chuck Green.

Elder is right, of course: Boldt's as much a Republican as one of my spaniels.

I refused to vote for Reagan Dunn and his politically expedient flip in favor of gay marriage.  Crain, as shown here, has zero problem with that kind of thing.  I, for one, am not upset in the least that a charter member through his mom of the Bellevue Mafia got his head handed to him.

Meanwhile, Crain has been infected with that "vote for anyone with an 'R' after their name disease.

And Boldt doesn't even have that.

That Crain would reward a political turncoat like Boldt with her vote is merely another sign that she shouldn't be elected dog catcher.

Here's Crain's utterly idiotic take on Boldt, for example:

Republicans who need our support win in the general are as follows:
Marc Boldt, for Clark County Council Chairperson,.
Mark has had an interesting past in public service, and while he Stated No Party Preference for the ballot, we know Marc as a Republican Precinct Committee Officer. Marc will be facing a very decidedly liberal Mike Dalesandro in the General Election. 
The decision is not a difficult one to make, Mark needs all of our support.

The insanity of Crain's idiocy here is that on the issues confronting us in this county, there is no difference between Boldt and Dalesandro.  Since they're in agreement, to refer to one as "decidedly liberal" without pointing out that Marc's positions are essentially the same on every issue: raising taxes, supporting the CRC Scam, keeping the people from having any say... that's how sad and pathetic Crain has become politically.

Boldt voted hand and glove with Steve Stuart.  And somehow, Crain expects his tenure THIS time to be any different?

Talk about political incompetence.

Boldt is not a Republican.  To mention he's a PCO for the GOP WITHOUT mentioning that he has not shown up to any GOP function since he was elected is the kind of disingenuous nonsense Crain is known for.

At this point, as Boldt's brother-in-law, I am pondering voting for that little weasel from Battle Ground just to counter her idiotic position.

This blind idiot act on Crain's part is wearing thin.

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Pete Masterson said...

Well, is there any one willing to step up for a write-in campaign (that didn't run in the primary)? I will not vote for either Boldt or Dalesandro. If no one that I find acceptable runs as a write-in, then I will mark my ballot for "none of the above." They can toss out my vote (in that contest) but I'll sleep better knowing that tI've stayed true to my principles.