Thursday, August 13, 2015

As expected, the Supreme Court failed to move against the Legislature.

All the clowns claiming the state supreme court could act against the Legislature need to take a step back and stop whining: it was never going to happen because the very same state constitution cited in the McCleary scam prohibits such a thing.

Further, the state does not have to pay this fine and shouldn't.  After all, that's OUR money so, in effect, these fringe-left idiots are fining US because they don't believe someone ELSE did what they should.

In this case, what does the legislature do?


The Court cannot dictate.  And the Legislature should not allow them to do so.

So... what does the Court do if the Treasurer says.... "Eh... you know what?  We don't have the money.  Sorry."

Are the going to march across the street, pull out guns and hold the Treasury up?

Folks, like every other democrat in elective office in Olympia, the Court is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the WEA.  Even so, the Court realizes they overstepped and they have no power over the Legislative Branch any more than the Legislature does over them, save for the power of the budget.

The Court, responding to their WEA masters, decided they had to do SOMETHING.

Thus, in the time-honored tradition of a Puget Sound leftist, they decided to publicly go out and confuse motion... with action.

$100,000 a day likely doesn't even cover Seattle School's free lunch program.

They picked that number precisely and only because people are going to be shocked... SHOCKED,  I tell you, at how much money the Court is fining us.... us... the people who gave up that money?  Us... for something we did not do and have zero control over.

In the end, if you do the math, the fine equals $36 million plus per year: chump change to people who are attempting to extort additional billions to pay their union masters off.

Democrats, of course, forgetting all about how they had control over the budget for most of the last several decades, will now come out and demand some immediate tax increase to pay for this idiocy... blaming the GOP all the while.  My fear is that the fake Republicans in the Senate might well cave.

Down here in Clark County, we're already out $50 million a year for nothing, thanks to "Gas Tax" Rivers; so where, exactly, would they have this money come from?

I, for one, can't wait to see.

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