Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yesterday's Stand Down surprise: Patty Murray showed up?

Of all the many disasters confronting veterans these days, second only to the suicide rate, the worst has to be the abortive chairmanship of Veterans Affairs in the US Senate by a non-serving piece of garbage named Patty Murray.

It was under Murray's watch that the policies leading to the deaths of veterans began to worm their way into the public's consciousness.

I knew the moment that idiot Reid appointed her to the job that she'd be worthless.

The VA became even more unwieldy and incompetent under her oversight.

The "Father of the Black Beret" (And other worthless Army wide polices) Eric Shinseki, fired by Bush II, was among the first "in your face" appointments approved by the US Senate as Secretary of Veteran's Affairs... which includes the Veteran's Administration.

Under their watch, the backlog of claims has exploded, hundreds to possibly thousands of veterans have died waiting for treatment and, my personal fav... drugs that I have to pay $27 for cost $10 at Fred Meyers, or Walgreens, or Costco or any number of places, available to those who never set foot in uniform for 60% or so less than the cost to those of us who did.

You know... that "free" medical care we were "promised" to enlist?

Of course, local leftist toad and former Colonel Larry Smith has to get into the picture.

So, a woman who's done much more TOO us than FOR us rolls in to take advantage of the moment.

But because I was scheduling my THIRD operation on my right little finger yesterday at the VA, I couldn't make it.

Once again, the State Cow has merely reduced us to a photo-op.  And this veteran believes her to be as worthless as, well, a current county chair candidate.

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