Monday, August 10, 2015

The fringe-left C3G2 Hater "bought his seat" shtick: don't expect the haters to admit they were wrong.

I've waiting for some renunciation of the fringe-left/C3G2 hater lie that when David Madore was elected, "he bought his seat."

Good God, but those leftist scum kept hammering that lie over... and over... and over again, all without peep one of protest over, say, Maria Cantwell using upwards of $10 million of her own personal "Real Audio" fortune to win her first Senate race in 2000, or Suzan DelBene spending over $3 million to win her congressional race in the 1st district in 2012... or fringe-left whack job billionaire Tom Steyer dropping $3 million of his money in an abortive attempt to buy the  state senate last year.

There were two options:  Madore wins the election.

And we would have heard the cacophony of crap these haters all use, including Marc Boldt who led off his campaign with the lie that Tom Mielke had "piles of money behind" him.

(Of course, as I reread that idiocy, it is of note that Boldt, my own brother-in-law, wrote... or had someone write: "Just two years ago, our county was efficient, effective, and well-managed."

Well, just two years ago was 2013, and Boldt wasn't a commissioner then, either.  This apparently, goes to the "not the brightest bulb on the tree" shtick he likes to use.)

Had Madore won, it would have been ALL about the issue of his money.

The three examples I wrote about earlier (Cantwell, DelBene and Steyer) wouldn't have been mentioned because they never are when it comes to our local haters talking about money in politics... much like, at the larger level, these same scum whine about the Koch Brothers but say nothing about Soros... or Steyer, again, for that matter.

But, of course, he didn't win.

The alternative was their meme that Madore sucked so bad that no amount of money could have seen him elected.

Lying Lefty will soon require shoulder surgery for his massive self back-pat campaign, the hating scum at C3G2 have burned Madore in effigy so many times that they can now name a hole in the ozone layer after themselves.

But what's missing?

Their acknowledgement that when Madore took Boldt out, the reason wasn't money.

But we're never going to see that, since the idea that any of the morons who voted for Boldt could be wrong will never enter into the equation.

Well, at least until he runs for reelection.  Then they'll know he was wrong because his reign as county chair will be a disaster, much like his 8 years as a commissioner were a disaster.


You expect something different THIS time around?  You expect Boldt to actually LISTEN to the people and do our bidding?

Fat chance.

This is yet another example of the fact that in the end, massive money doesn't buy elections, as comforting to our local leftist scum as that idea/excuse may be.

Elections are won through effective ideas and communication.  The democratian has, over the years, provided the leftists with millions of dollars worth of in-kind campaigning against Madore that he did little to nothing to counteract.

Madore himself provided the entirely unnecessary drama and an obvious failure to respond.

But when Madore won, it wasn't the money.  If it was the money, we'd have had a Commissioner Tanner, who outspent his opponent, Tom Mielke, roughly 10 to 1... only to lose.

And we will never see an acknowledgement of that for the 2012 election, but we can expect to see it now, as their explanation as to how Madore could lose.

After all, to be a leftist hater is to engage in fringe-left hypocrisy and situational ethics with a side of double-standard tossed in for free.

Try to remember this kind of thing the next time someone snivels about "money buying elections."

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Lew Waters said...

The Lazy C and Lefty Lou really didn't support Boldt so much, either now or in 2012, rather they hated Madore that much.

Boldt only found favor with them when he abandoned all points of conservatism to favor Liberals.

It will be interesting seeing two Democrats running this time and what the local RPCCGOP will do to save face.

I just hope they don't blow it for Julie Olson.