Saturday, August 08, 2015

Autopsy of the Madore Campaign

So, what went wrong?

How could a campaign that had absolutely everything going for it... that was going to, once again, "buy the seat," according to the scum of the fringe left, have failed?

Campaigns, particularly in a situation like this where most people have no idea what they're getting in Boldt, require two critical elements: not only do you have to define yourself, you must also, always, define your opponents.

David Madore had no difficulty in defining himself.  But in failing to define Boldt and Dalesandro, in failing to detail the damage either of these two will cause us... that's where his campaign went off course.

Well, that and the local GOP's disappearing act.

I know and have recited why either one of these two would be a complete and utter failure.

But my tiny voice in the midst of this cacophony was heard by far too few.

The "tweddle dumb and tweedle dumber" aspect of these two is obvious: both of these leftists have essentially the same positions on the issues confronting us: essentially, the WRONG positions.

One campaign, Boldt's, is born out of hatred... amply illustrated by the text messages I've been getting from my sainted brother-in-law.

The other, as I predicted, is born out of desperation and the inability of a democrat to win any legislative style seat county wide.

Look, at this point, we're stuck with Boldt.  Those as a percentage who voted for that creeper Dalesandro, will vote for him again.  The RINO's infesting the GOP will vote for Boldt and out of desperation and no one else being available on the ballot.

Chief RINO, Carolyn Crain, is already out there kissing Boldt's... ring, making the fallacious claim that he's a "Republican."

Where Madore went wrong was failing to have surrogates define these two.

The spectre of the CRC/Light Rail scam has not disappeared.  And when we needed Marc Boldt to join with Tom Mielke to fight that insanity, he was too busy voting with Steve Stuart to continue that agony, while he laughed at every effort we made to put an end to it.

His incessant increasing of our taxes (property taxes 5% higher when he was booted out of office than when he went in) higher sales taxes that he supported, higher unemployment that he caused, $200 million vaporized and his support of tolls and the CRC Scam... the twin killers that cost him office in the first place.

His decision to violate the Constitution by implementing his gun confiscation law at the local level, even after I warned him... his illegal transfer of county money to a vendor to make sure his wife got paid...  the democratian won't remind anyone of these issues, of course.

Nor will they point out the many similarities between these leftists:

Both rabid CRC Scammers, both could care less what the people want... a twin version of the Steve Stuart school of thought:

After all, Boldt voted with Stuart constantly... and look where that got us.

The problem?

Madore spent a lot of money telling us who he, David Madore, is.

But he didn't seem to spend a penny telling us who Boldt or Dalesandro are...  and with the short attention span of the voters, they needed to be reminded of all Boldt has done to us and all either one of these clowns will attempt to do again.

They are the political children of leftist hatred.  And the people needed to be both told... and reminded... so they would not do what they actually did: vote in ignorance... vote on what they believed was the old Boldt... what the former Representative Boldt used to be instead of what he morphed into... and the failure of the Madore campaign to remind us all what Boldt did too us instead of for us is why, I believe, Madore lost.

There were any number of ways to accomplish that messaging: the leftist running had that ability to begin with, as that was both the democratian's and the C3G2 hater's quest.  It's what Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio lived to do, as well as his winged monkeys at C3G2.

Neither Boldt nor Dalesandro didn't have to do a thing to define Madore: the leftist haters handled that for them,.

Meanwhile, the local GOP who has kicked out Boldt for his leftist proclivities, sat idly by and did nothing to counter any of it.

Strange, isn't it?

Having no idea of any of the internal workings of the Madore campaign, no knowledge of voter ID efforts, GOTV efforts or polling, I can't go any deeper into it.  But I am absolutely stunned that he could not see this outcome coming and change his campaign tactics accordingly.

Meanwhile, the local RINO's, the Bogers, the Crain's and that ilk, rally to their fellow leftist's cause.

And the ultimate goal of local leftist haters is realized.

(UPDATE:  By the way, whoever is commenting on this on behalf of Boldt or my sister-in-law, anonymous comments ain't gonna cut it.

You got something to spew to me, feel free to provide enough info to identify yourself.

Otherwise, you're wasting your ASCII)


Lew Waters said...

The RPCCGOP is too busy figuring out the next way to retain control of the party and spending their time seeking more support for Rand Paul.

Nothing else is important.

Martin Hash said...

3 well-liked Republicans split the vote. What's so hard to understand about that?

Just a guy said...

Perhaps the 4000 more votes the nonrepublican candidates picked up?

Here's the thing: with Madore's advantages of incumbency and money, the vote split should not have mattered.

THEY (Boldt and Dalesandro) certainly had Madore defined, and they didn't have to lift a finger to do it.

Had Madore or his surrogates provided the electorate with more reason not to vote for Boldt, Boldt would have lost; or at a minimum, Madore would have made it into the general.

What's so hard to understand about that?

Martin Hash said...

So someone with integrity, and won't tear down other people, can't run because, "hey, politics is a blood sport." Bullshit, Madore did everything he could to get his message out there without resorting to bad behavior. He beat The-Woman-Vote & The-Old-Known-Guy in a Republican showdown, but the Dems voted for Dems, and in the case of Boldt, the Independent.

Just a guy said...


Forgive me if I disagree.

Madore had surrogates out there and essentially unlimited money. How could, for example, reminding the voters that Boldt rabidly supported the CRC and Light rail, along with the $2000 yearly (or so) tolls and that he would do so again in the future equate to "bad behavior?"

How could reminding the people that Boldt increased their sales tax .2 (along with Stuart) without putting it to a vote be "bad behavior?"

How could reminding the people that Boldt voted to raise their property taxes 6 out of the 8 years he was in office equate to "bad behavior?"

How could reminding the people that Boldt supported excluding as many as 60,000 voters from voting on CTran issues but not from paying their taxes... be portrayed as "bad behavior?"

How could showing our county's abysmal economy, high unemployment rate and the like under Boldt's administration be "bad behavior?"

And certainly, reminding the people that during the 8 years he was in office, Boldt had no trouble with the old system of governance, since he did nothing to change it nor made any attempt to do so... including rebuffing the first attempt at a charter vote... might have resulted in a few pondering why he so rabidly supported this most recent effort at a Charter.

You, most of all, must be aware that there are a wide variety of ways to accomplish a goal. To get people to vote... to win an election... you not only must provide people a reason to vote for you... you also must provide them with a rerason or reasons to vote against the others.

Accurately portraying Boldt and Dalesandro as peas from the same pod... reminding them that perhaps the most formal local fringe-left organization in the area, the Young Democrats, endorsed Boldt...

Well, every one of those issues has a constituency. Combine the constituencies through these facts... and a chunk of Boldt's vote vaporizes.

I see "bad behavior" as being lying or stretching the truth. Every element I described is factual. And how can the stone, cold truth be "bad behavior?

I'm not suggesting for a moment that Madore didn't do all he could to "get his message out."

The problem is that much of it was the WRONG message.

That's how I see it, and everyone can feel free to disagree.

Martin Hash said...

That's a pretty convincing argument.

However, buying TV time to attack your opponent seems overkill in a local election. I suppose Madore could have used his webpage, email list, & YouTube channel... Did he?

Just a guy said...

To the best of my knowledge, no effort anywhere was made to define his opponents.

I believe the way this should have been done would have been for the Madore PAC to handle that end. That way, he could rightfully claim no control over the messaging.

That said, I believe... firmly... that reciting the record of an elected official... or, in Marc's case, a formerly elected official... does not equate to even negative campaigning.

The truth is the truth. Neither Boldt nor Dalesandro indicated what changes they'd make were they elected; neither indicated how their time in office has benefited anyone; neither led with their support... their undeniable support... of the CRC and tax increases.

These are all fair game... and it wouldn't require hit pieces or anything of the sort.