Friday, August 07, 2015

Parallels: The Columbian/C3G2 hate group is to Madore as Hitler was to the Jews

I completely failed in my assessment of Boldt's campaign chances here and for that I freely take responsibility.  After all, even his most vociferous supporters have been attacking Madore for buying this election, right?  Because somehow, that's a "bad" thing.

So, I fell into the same trap I've tried to avoid, the now given that, while money might improve your chances of winning, it "buys" nothing.

Boldt himself started his campaign by lying about Tom Mielke's money... and these same people have no problem whatsoever with the huge amounts of leftist money in politics these days and, in this case, they were obviously wrong in their rather self-serving assessment.

That he will be as much of a disaster as county chair as he was as a regular commissioner is neither here nor there: as I wrote yesterday, there's no difference philosophically between Boldt and the Dwarf from Battle Ground, except, perhaps, Dalesandro's slavish devotion to Obama and fringe-left politics.

So, how did this happen?

There were two primary causes; today, we discuss partisan bigotry and hate as a driving political force; tomorrow we look at the one glaring oversight of the Madore campaign (Failing to define the leftist candidates) combined with the abysmal failure of the local paralyzed GOP to take part in this election in any noticeable way.

The tip of the spear is Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio, the fringe-left clown who runs the daily paper and uses it freely as a weapon to bludgeon those wise enough to politically oppose his insanity.

Lefty Lou put all of the issues confronting the people of this county and this state and nation aside to spear David Madore on an almost weekly basis.

Lies and exaggerations were the order of the day for years.  Whipping up the useful tools of the left, a double standard of treatment, the consistent lie of a lack of bias on his part and correspondingly, on the part of that rag he runs: all were the order of the day.

And we can expect it to get worse as these same three likely run for their council seats next year and Lying Lefty, who will likely once again break his own shoulder patting himself on the back for this outcome, will see that in fact, his brand of hatred appears to be quite successful.

Meanwhile, I expect that RINO's and leftists will be chomping at the bit to take on an obviously politically weakened Madore.  And the slimeball running the rag will do all he can to make that happen and then provide them with, literally, millions of dollars worth of in-kind advertising to

The shaft of the leftist political spear are the useful tools of the C3G2 hate site.

Their commonality is that very word: hate.

They hate Madore and everything he stands for.  They hate that he wears his Christianity on his sleeve, precisely like Marc Boldt used to.

They'll deny it, of course, but the hatred they express in their editorials and the comments concerning him even exceeds local hatred of Bush in its intensity and depth.

They hate that he was instrumental in stopping their sainted CRC/light rail project that they would have cheerfully buried us in debt for decades to come as it blew a $100,000,000+ million a year hole in our county economy with ever increasing tolls starting as high as $8 a day... or roughly $2000 a year... to begin with... for at least the next 4 decades, much like Sen Ann "Gas Tax" River's gas tax will blow a $50 million hole in our local economy for the next ten years... a reminder that each motorist requiring gasoline will come to know oh so well over the next decade as every man, woman and child in Clark County today will be tasked to pay over $1500... each... to pay off the debt Rivers has brought us.

They hate that he approved the hiring of Don Benton to run the Department of Environmental Services... because they also hate Don Benton.

As a result, they hate anything he does, anything he's done and anything he wants to do.

For many of the issues, such as the cross-river transportation issues confronting and confounding the people of this county, these haters offer absolutely zero in the way of viable alternatives themselves, you understand and the fringe left desire to punish the people of our area for opposing their insanity is overwhelming.

Marc Boldt hates Madore because Madore defeated him for re-election.  His hatred of the GOP caused him to file for Precinct Committee Officer 3 years ago, be elected twice and never once attend any GOP function or meeting after being ejected from the party for paying junior democrat to Steve Stuart, a decision driven by pure spite.

That's what drove Boldt's involvement in the Freeholder process and his support of this successful effort to overturn the 2012 election.

Well, that and the requirement that he do two more years in government to max out his substantial pension.

The haters view Marc as a useful tool.  This go-round, he wasn't even endorsed by his friend Lying Lefty Lou, because they think so little of his skills and abilities.

I worked directly for him for 6 years and I can tell you that many have underestimated the man that Joe King once referred to as being "too stupid to be a state representative."

But the parallels with Hitler scape-goating the Jews are also impossible to ignore for students of history.

Hitler was a master of this type of politics; what I refer to as the Art of the Bright, Shiny Object politics.

While he was an anti-Semite, his philosophy was to find a group to blame for Germany's precarious financial and much-weakened-by-the-Versailles-Treaty military state.

He used that, in part, to shift the focus of the people away from what HE wanted to do, and having set up his straw man, towards that element of policy that the people themselves could use to unleash their natural inner-animal at an essentially helpless target.

He was a master at blaming others for what he was doing: the German invasion of Poland was set up by staging a fake attack on a German radio station just insider Germany's then border with Poland, dressing a few concentration camp inmates in Polish Army uniforms, killing them and scattering their bodies in the area; the burning of the Reichstag, an entirely Nazi production that he blamed on communists (his other foils) and the like.

Local leftists are masters of blaming individuals around here when their carefully laid plans to screw us go awry.

Molehill Moeller, for example, blames Benton and Rivers for killing the CRC Scam; zero introspection or mention of his own place in this drama of steadfastly opposing any compromise of any kind to get it built... absolutely unconcerned that the people of this county loathed the hated idiocy that would result in billions spent and a one-minute savings on the southbound commute.

But local leftists outside the political realm are much more likely to blame Madore.

They provided him zero credit when things went right and even attack his successes.  And the local print media, who hates him for not only killing off their CRC Scam, but, of course, for the humiliation of losing their "official newspaper of Clark County" designation.

Because hatred rarely allows room for reality.  And if you don't believe me, head on over to the cesspool of hatred fictionally entitled "Clark County Citizens for Good Governance."

At some point, these scum will wind up running out of people to hate.  Then they can actively begin the process of hating themselves, I suppose.

The only thing missing here so far is the round up of everyone to the right of Mao.

And that wouldn't surprise me terribly.

Meanwhile, on the substantive issues, there's no difference between Boldt and Daesandro, save for the fact that Boldt has long since sold out his principles to get elected, while Dalesandro continues to play the Kamikaze of the Left.

Both would do what they could to raise taxes.  Both would ram increased car tab fees down our throats without asking.  Both would ram property tax increases down our throats without asking.  Both would ram some version of the CRC down our throats without asking.

Because in the world of so many in the political realm, once you elect them, they owe you nothing.

At least Boldt didn't go out with his "servant-leader" scam this time.  That's progress of a sort.

But this outcome is, I fear, the result of a campaign with a gaping hole in it and I'll be addressing that tomorrow.

This could have been won.  But it wasn't.


Mumon K said...

Politics and resentment are two different things. Madore is a religious chauvinist who engaged in cronyism, and failed the most basic requirements for a public servant, namely, accountability to ALL of the people of Clark County. You can name call people all you want (and the title of that article is really offensive to those who suffered under the Nazis), but you can't change those facts.

I hope you find peace and tranquility somewhere.

Just a guy said...

What utter nonsense.

Your entire focus is based on your hate of his religious view... which is part and parcel of leftist bigotry. The rest of it is just being a leftist tool.

Cronyism indeed.

Thirteen out of 16 department heads in Portland were chosen the exact... same... way. And no one on the left utters a word.

Further, who put the system in place that Mielke/Madore used to hire with?

Democrat commissioners.

You show zero tolerance... yet you, no doubt, demand it of others for, say, gay marriage and the like while you extend it to no one. And the term for that is hypocrisy.

When Boldt was a commissioner, he certainly failed the accountability to ALL of the people, didn't he?

And since you neither "suffered" under the Nazi's nor spent any extensive period of time in Germany, you absolutely are unqualified to even speak to that issue... or certainly for Nazi victims.

If you're looking to find a way to be offended, you will no doubt succeed.

Meanwhile, remember this blog's Rule One:

If you don't like how or what I write about?

Spare your sensibilities and don't read it.