Monday, August 10, 2015

If it is the FOXNews mission to cut Trump's legs out from under him...

... I believe they're going about it the wrong way.

Look, I freely admit that I didn't bother with either of the debates... at this point, they're a waste of time, effort and energy.

Decisions as to the issue of support should be based on the long term view. A few minutes of sound bites shouldn't be the decider; policy and the public interests... what's best for this country's future should be the thing.

I'm not remotely interested in Obama or Hillary light; that means I'll never vote for Jeb Bush or Lindsey Graham or that ilk.

But here's the thing: any effort to undercut a personality with billions because you don't happen to like him is GOING to backfire.

Megyn Kelly might have thought it was an issue to take him out when she went after him... on the subject of women... but there's just far too many boob shots of Megyn out there on the web for her to have any credibility for that sort of thing.

The way to take out Trump is to let him take himself out.

And that's the fear factor for the establishment/RINO types.

Their fear is that he won't.

Politically, then, the only option available is for the GOP to begin to assume at least some of his positions.

These are certainly hot button issues among the GOP base. And the result is that this perception that FOX is trying to impact the news instead of just reporting it is liable to backfire, big time.

The next few days well tell the tale: did the perception of the FOXNews "attack" succeed or fail?

I believe it failed. Because the base typically resents the media for covertly doing what the growing PERCEPTION is that FOXNews overtly did. And the resentment of media involvement... no matter the perspective... for the GOP base is going to be that they have no business attempting to manipulate the outcomes... whether it's MCNBC... or FOXNews.

They would have been money ahead to just meet the public perception of playing it straight.

You can ask "tough questions" without an agenda. And that's the kind of deal the American people want.

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