Tuesday, August 04, 2015

So, many seem mystified at the low turnout: leftists hate it. Why didn't you vote?

I voted.  My family voted.  So why didn't you?

Leftists hate a low turnout.

By about any measure, GOP voters are going to be more engaged and more likely to vote, particularly in low turnout elections.

This election is shaping up as yet another local leftist disaster, if turnout is any gauge.  Leftists, of course, lack any ability to engage in meaningful introspection, so they lack the capacity and intelligence to examine WHY they've become the local version of a political piƱata and they utterly lack a clue as to why.

And ultimately, the issue isn't money.

The issue is... issues.

The left loses, both in turnout and in the ballot box... because they have lurched so FAR left on the meaningful issues that impact our daily lives around here that they have completely lost touch where it matters.

Key indicators are ignored.  The almost universal opposition to the CRC Scam, the gift that keeps on giving to GOP candidates, are ignored.  They keep coming back to it, completely bypassing any other solution to our cross-river transportation problems, literally "blaming" Benton and Rivers for actually voting their districts to kill this insanity, most recently, Jim "Molehill" Moeller, fringe-leftist nutter extraordinaire.

They simply cannot see that the vast majority of this county does not want this hideous monstrosity blowing a $100,000,000 per year (to start) hole in our local economy, any more than the people of this county wanted Sen. Ann Rivers to help blow a $500,000,000 million dollar hole in our local economy for nothing with her gas tax/tab fee vote.

So, when the rag asks editorially why we don't vote, the idea that the answer is in the nearest mirror is simply beyond them.

The idea that these same democratian/C3G2 scum have done so much to poison the well here locally simply doesn't occur to them.

The idea that these same slime have been telling us how "stupid" we are to have voted the way we voted holds no sway with them... that THEY have been depressing the vote through THEIR actions is simply beyond their comprehension.

It is completely unrealistic for these scum to demand that we vote... and then beat the hell out of us when we have the temerity to vote in a way and for the people they don't like.

And then, we have our Auditor, who is SUPPOSED to be above all this, using his platform and voter's pamphlet to lie his ass off about the charter... depressing the vote even more as people find out what kind of idiocy their votes have brought upon us on their hate-filled idiocy.

Every time we vote "yes" on an Eyman initiative, as I expect we will be this November, we're told we're stupid.  Every time we say we oppose something the left supports (pot legalization, gay marriage) we're told we're stupid and/or bigots.

Every time we demand accountability and that our politicians tell the TRUTH, we're castigated and attacked by other politicians, those in the "up is down," "truth is lie" world of politics.

My demands of accountability for Sen. Ann Rivers, who lied about her position on increasing the gas tax and tab fees to get elected, has resulted in attacks on me publicly by the Deputy Mayor of Battle Ground (Who's city, of course, made bank off of Rivers' lies) and a city councilman from Washougal, who is a close personal friend of Sen. Rivers and who doggedly continues to support the County Clerk, Scott Weber; who ALSO lied to get elected by claiming that if he were elected, he would fight to eliminate his position as one requiring an election.

For a lot of people, that would be the end of it.

A lot of people would throw up there hands and say, "that's it... I'm out."

I admit it has damaged me to the point where I will no longer become involved in political campaigns.  I admit that the situational ethics of people I admired and worked my ass off to get elected in the past has sickened me.

I admit that I have joined the ever-increasing herd of those who don't believe their votes matter or that there's any real difference between the parties and that, in fact, most of these people are pure scum.

But on my way out, I will work very, very hard to defeat these four people in the future because in failing me... I believe they've failed us all.

There's only one reason at this point why I vote.

It's because I wore a uniform for 14 years to make sure that we all COULD vote.

But I do so with an increasing feeling of nausea... because so very few of these people we put in positions of authority actually give a rip about us once we give them what they want.

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Ken Kakuk said...

Try running for office. I stepped up to the plate and received the beating of my life.