Saturday, August 01, 2015

Moeller goes full moron.

So, we have an election going on and Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller is campaigning for... Mary Benton?
Yes! I too am pleased that Sen Rivers voted for the tax! However, I'm not pleased that she and Sen Don Benton (or any other Republican) did not support replacing the I-5 bridge with Oregon and the Feds and prevented Clark County from having a mega-project in our area. As the 100 yr old structure quickly approaches 12 hours of congestion per day - 16 years is a long wait.
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Roger Neilson There is no money for that project for 16 years. Thank you Sen Rivers and Sen Benton! Oregon (remember them!) has moved on with other priorities and the feds have given Washington State 90 million dollars that now we have to pay back - at least that was the agreement. We don't know what will happen if we don't pay them back. It's NEVER happened before that a state didn't come through with its share. I guess, there always a first time.
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Tim Erickson I'm so sorry if you don't want to hear about who killed the CRC and why anymore. Maybe you should tell it to your fellow consitiuents who have to sit and sit and sit in traffic becuase of Sen Ann Rivers and Sen Don Benton for 16 years as the 100 year old structure quickly approaches 12 hours of congestion per day.
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The Transportation package was, quite honestly, the biggest tax increase ever proposed by the Republican Senate or my understanding -by any political party. 12 cents per gallon of gas over two years: 7 cents Saturday 5 cents next year to cover the next 16 years of projects. Since we do not have a mega-project in this area any longer thanks to Sens Rivers and Benton (the mega-projects are now in Seattle and Spokane) we will continue with our "donor county" status meaning we will pay more tax, but get less for it. However, it doesn't mean that Clark County was skunked but, we will not receive the 450 million dollars we would have gotten if we had the replacement for the I-5 bridge (a mega-project) included in the package.
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Odd, isn't it?

Molehill reminding everyone that Benton and Rivers killed the bridge.

He leaves out his part in it of course; his false modesty keeps him from mentioning his monumental arrogance and repeated failures to even consider compromise on the loot rail scam.  And, of course, being one of the biggest local political liars, Molehill doesn't mention the $2000 per year in tolls the commuters would have to pay, he doesn't mention the $100 million yearly hole his scam would blow in our local economy for the next 4 decades and, of course, he doesn't mention the 56 seconds a new bridge would have saved for the southbound commute... after expending billions of our dollars.

Meanwhile, he reinforces that concept that both Benton and Rivers actually did what their district wanted in the legislature.

He keeps blaming them like they did something wrong.  In this instance, Moeller STILL can't accept that he got his ass kicked on his scam... not unlike his bogus "what is, what ain't" candy scam that got crushed at the polls around the state a few years back.

So now, when District 2 ballots are marked by those who read this, what are they likely to remember?

That someone named Benton actually represented them, heard them, and helped to stop Molehill's insanity.

And that's going to translate to votes.

Who knew that Moeller actually wanted to help Mary Benton get elected?

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