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Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio feeling it?

For months, pre-charter-vote, Lying Lefty Lou and his minions at the C3G2 hate site lied their collective asses off about the Charter... what was motivating their effort and what motivated the majority of the freeholders:

The prime mover here was hatred of David Madore.  But what they told us was something rather different.

I understand that some who had no idea what it was voted for that idiocy because they believed it involved charter schools.

Some voted for it because of the lies the scumbag auditor printed in his swindle sheet of a voter's pamphlet.

Some actually believed the obvious lies that it would be more "representational" of the county... even though it was an obvious reduction in our individual ability to determine our political leadership.

But most who voted for it... and it was primarily a leftist scam... voted for it not because it was what was best for us... best for the people.... but because they wrongly believed it would reduce Madore's "power."

Lying Lefty Lou even admitted that towards the start of his little column today.
During the last election, Clark County voters sent a clear message. Republican County Councilors David Madore and Tom Mielke were behaving so badly, residents voted to change our form of government to lessen their power.
Yeah.  Right.

And if either or both make it into the general, what kind of "message" will that send to Lying Lefty Lou?
And naturally, the hatred of the left actually did drive the voter turnout in the 49th District, which was responsible for the passage of this insanity, voting 60% yes on the charter, enough to dwarf the "no" vote throughout the rest of the county.

Interesting that Lying Lefty didn't put up one of his famous purple maps, to show where support of the charter came from... because he certainly wouldn't want us all to know that it was the tyranny of the Vancouver Soviet's majority ramming this crap down the throats of the rest of the county's minority.  That would have made a terrible visual.

Of course, no form of government should be replaced merely because slime like Lying Lefty Lou don't like those actually sitting in those seats of power to overturn an election they lost.

But it was.  And we have to live with it.

But now, Lying Lefty is looking around and he's facing the probability that David Madore is going to win this.  And that probability is high.

And if David wins this, how is that going to make Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio look?

Of course, Lying Lefty brings up the subject of money.  As I stated before, the leftists around here have two trains of thought ready to go the night of August 4 or shortly thereafter:

1.  Madore bought the election.

That's a favorite of leftist scum here locally.  Madore outspent Marc Boldt 3 to 1, and that's the ONLY reason Marc lost in 2012.

To hear them tell it.

I have yet to see one of these sniveling putzes discuss the Tanner-Mielke race in those terms.  After all, Tanner only outspent Mielke something on the order of 9 or 10 to 1, even going up on TV, and he got clobbered.

So Madore "bought" his election.  But no explanation for Tanner has ever been provided... or even discussed.

And, of course, none of these scum say anything about Suzan DelBene, Congresswoman from Washington's 1st District, who only spent $3 million or so of HER own money.


Because she's a democrat.  And it's ALWAYS different when a leftist does it.

They snivel about Koch Brothers money, but say nothing about Steyer money (3 Million dumped in against GOP Senators for the state senate in the last cycle... that changed nothing) or Soros money, tens of millions wasted on leftist politics every year.

And that's the common thread running through the C3G2 hate site: hypocrisy.

2.  Or in the alternative, Madore sucked so bad that he spent a fortune and lost anyway.

That will be the meme that Lying Lefty Lou and the scum populating the C3G2 hate site will run with starting the day after the election if Madore doesn't make it to the general, or if he does and then loses in the general.

Lying Lefty will take all the credit for it if Madore loses, and none of the blame if he wins because, well, that's the kind of asshole he happens to be.

I expect that Dalesandro will slither into the general and then be clobbered by whichever of the 3 Republicans makes it.

As I've been indicating since the democrats dragged a completely worthless and unprepared Dalesandro (SO worthless, in fact, that the ultra-left "Young Democrats" actually clobbered Boldt by endorsing him, which just goes to show what a sellout Boldt, the formerly pro-life, small government conservative who would cheerfully sell his soul to get elected for his retirement actually is) into this race in the last possible second, killing any chance Boldt had.  I would not at all be surprised if Boldt came in dead last.

Meanwhile, Lying Lefty Lou is feeling it, big time.

A Madore victory will put Lying Lefty Lou's rants into perspective and reinforce the message that Lying Lefty is a nobody... and that his efforts have moved no one.

Lying Lefty Lou hates Madore with a passion.  He hates him because Madore is in large part responsible for killing off the CRC, he hates him because Madore was involved in the hiring of the formerly Number 1 on the hate list, Sen. Don Benton; and he hates him because Madore, like me, for that matter, is singularly unimpressed with Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

And he CERTAINLY hates him because Madore was instrumental in having The Reflector declared the county's official newspaper... which absolutely caused Lying Lefty Lou's head to EXPLODE.

Can anyone name any other daily paper that's been humiliated like that?  Or who deserved it more?

A Madore victory should result in Lying Lefty's resignation in disgrace: after all, Lying Lefty's jihad and bigotry against Madore has plummeted from pathetic to moribund, cost the daily democrat paying readership and made both Lying Lefty and that lowlife who employs him look like psychotic idiots.

A Madore victory finishes the job of emasculating Lying Lefty publicly.   And how can that be a bad thing?

Meanwhile, this is one of those occasions when I really have no real clue who is going to win.  I only know who is going to lose.

I believe the small turn out helps GOP candidates and hurts the rest.

I believe that Madore will be one of the top two.

I believe that Boldt will come in dead last... as he should.

I believe that Tom Mielke, who has repeatedly beaten the odds may just do it again.

I believe that Jeanne Stewart will benefit from the women's vote and that cannot be adequately calculated.

I believe that Dalesandro may make it into the top two as well, but I'm not as sure of that now, given the abysmal turnout.  He will benefit from being the only democrat running, however, and there are, perhaps, enough democrat slate voters out there to shove him over the line into the general where he will be beaten like a rented mule... but conventional wisdom is that low turnout hurts democrats, particularly in the face of what should be an overwhelming GOTV effort by Madore.

At this point, individual turn out is going to determine the outcome.

Madore has done his voter ID (He can afford it) and he can certainly set up phone banks and the like.

He's came as close to saturating the air ways as any candidate I have ever seen.  He's ran a textbook campaign of the kind that unlimited resources can bring, particularly in comparison to the other candidates.  Lying Lefty Lou continues to hope against hope that Madore loses because hatred can do that for a guy.  Right, Lefty?

Madore's campaign has been relentlessly positive and has essentially ignored everyone else, focusing on the all-too-rare "promises made, promises kept" aspect that so few in elective office can actually claim with the volume Madore uses.

His campaign has sucked all of the oxygen out of the room; the money guys believe he's going to win based on a quick analysis of the PDC's and how it's been very difficult for candidates to actually raise money in this environment.

No one or group has given any maximum contribution to Boldt, (even his own brother) And Dalesandro has been just as bad, only raising a total of $5767 with two max contributions from leftist outfits (The local dems and the union redistribution committee)

Both Mielke and Stewart have private donations of maximum amounts.

That having been said, money isn't ALWAYS right... but it's righter than it is wrong.

In around 81 hours, we're all going to know.

(DISCLOSURE:  I am not working for ANY candidate in this race.  FURTHER DISCLOSURE:  Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law, and I oppose his election to anything.)

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