Sunday, August 02, 2015

So, the democratian trashed Madore again today to attempt to help their ABM campaign.

Anyone But Madore.

See, hatred can drive you to do these kinds of things.

In the leftist mind, Madore is "buying" the seat (Which is why the democratian spewed this piece today, instead of, say, Wednesday or even after the election) and the hating scum from our local C3G2 hate group even came up and said so.

"Money" is a dirty word when a Republican uses it.  None of these scum complaining about Madore's largess had anything bad to say about George Soros, Tom Steyer or Suzan DelBene... all of who spent millions on their own campaigns or the campaigns of others because, well, THAT'S DIFFERENT.

Whenever these slime bring up the subject of money, I always circle back to the Tanner-Mielke race in the 2012 cycle as a proof of leftist hypocrisy.

Tanner spent $240,127.82 on his campaign.  He put $41,000 of his own money into his effort.

Mielke spent $24,978 on his campaign.  He put $2750 into his campaign.

Tanner received 84,859 votes; Mielke made do with 91,139.

Given that Tanner outspent Mielke by a factor approaching 10 to 1, even going up on TV.... how is it that he lost?

I've asked many people that question over the intervening years... even those of the leftist persuasion.

NO ONE has been able to explain it.

Money in politics is merely a tool.  Nothing more.

What these fringe-left whack jobs would demand is that Madore rebuild a car engine with the same screw driver and pair of pliers that everyone else is forced to use.

And that's both hypocritical... AND insane.

What filthy rich democrat who has taken a flier at political office hasn't also brought their own checkbook?

Everyone from Maria Cantwell who, if memory serves, dropped 8 figures of her own cash into her Senate run against Slade Gorton (Who didn't spend a dime of his personal fortune as I recall) to Suzan DelBene, 1st District Congresswoman and Microsoft millionaire who spent something in excess of $3 million on her OWN race; to California Billionaire Tom Steyer, who wasted $3 million of HIS own money in the last election cycle to keep the GOP from continuing to control the Washington State Senate... ALL of them used THEIR own money to win elections and impact political outcomes... all without a peep from the leftist hypocrites complaining about Madore's money.

The scum at the democratian, however, have already proven they'll stop at nothing to attack Madore.  That democrats have done and would do the exactly the same if any here locally were inclined to run for office and had the checkbook to do it is the thing.

Again, this is the set up... the excuse... for a likely Madore victory.  That Madore could win this for ANY other reason is simply beyond leftist comprehension.  If Madore wins, these clowns will revel in their Madore Derangement Syndrome, much like these same kind of scum were so enraged about President Bush when he was in office.

Review the comments about Madore at the C3G2 hate group for further info on their utter, partisan hatred of the man.  They oppose everything he's done, everything he wants to do... and all without offering any viable suggestions of what they would do instead.

Meanwhile, the scum running the democratian, joined at the hip with the C3G2 haters, will continue their incessant attacks on him and to a somewhat lesser extent, Tom Mielke, because they hate them both as a result of their efforts to kill the CRC Scam and because of the Benton hiring.

I have to wonder at this point, however: having pummeled Madore on essentially a daily basis for the last 3 years... what difference will any of this make?

Is anyone leaning towards voting for Madore at this point going to look at this kind of garbage and think to themselves: wow... I'm NOT going to vote for Madore now because he's using his own money on his campaign?

While it likely will make the haters feel better, is it really going to make any difference?

We'll know in about 57 hours or so.

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