Tuesday, August 04, 2015

So... did the democratian and the C3G2 haters cull Madore out of the herd?

As the clock winds down on our local primary, it will be fascinating to watch the returns tonite.

Well the democratian/C3G2 campaign of hatred, lies, deceit and exaggeration work?

Or will their irrelevance to the local political scene become the political black hole for all to see?

Literally for years, now, Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio has led the jihad against David Madore and Tom Mielke... particularly against David Madore.

The hatred against Madore emanates like waves of black light from the fringe-left and falsely named "Clark County Citizens for Good Government" leftist hate front group, led by Chuck "The Hater in Chief" Green, and temporarily being run by the Camas Clown Melissa "Does anyone know what day it is?" Smith, the East County Embarrassment.

Green set this up, in large part, to run for political office.  Following the Jon Russell rule of scamming people into believing he was working for them and then using that foundation to launch the true goal... a political career..., he's actually working for CTran and he would be their voice on the County Council... like they owned him outright and slavery still existed.

For years, Green and his fellow scum attacked everything David Madore did, everything he said and everything he envisioned.  They offered no viable alternatives to any of it, you understand... all they offered was their hate and hypocrisy, attacking Madore relentlessly for banning them from his facebook page while doing the exact, same thing on their own: banning anyone to the right of Mao with the temerity and intelligence to disagree with the hate-filled rants of this juvenile, playground bully site.

Will they be successful?  Will Madore be able to succeed with a relentlessly positive message concerning his accomplishments?

Long on history, but short on vision, per se'. (At this point, I still don't know what, specifically, his election to Council Chair would mean to us at the voter level.  But I don't know that about any of these people, except for the Battle Ground Dwarf's rabid insistence on his view of "implementing the charter," whatever THAT means.)

I shudder to think what kind of government we might have with a rank hypocrite like Green infesting it: a constant whiner but not a guy with any vision; a hard-core light rail/CRC scammer, a clown, really, with no ideas but his hatred to guide him... well, that and his masters at CTran.

If (as I suspect) Madore wins one of the seats in the general tonight, there will be a great whaling and gnashing of teeth, mostly from the leftist infesting us.

They will claim it's all about Madore's money, once again blowing right past the most recent example (Tanner-Mielke) of money certainly not being everything (Tanner having outspent Mielke by 10 to 1 or so, only to lose by 6,000 votes)  the left claims it is when it's not leftist money being spent... money they all remain utterly silent about.

For the record, I did not vote for David, either last cycle (I voted for neither Boldt nor Madore, though my angst at having my brother-in-law reelected then or elected now is very well known to regular readers... and I will actively campaign against him in the general, should he win) or this time around.

But that does not mean I won't vote for him in the general should he survive to get there, definitely if either Boldt or that porcine little communist dwarf from Battle Ground makes it into the general.

We'll know in 12 hours.

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