Saturday, August 15, 2015

Michael Sam figures it out: out of football.

As the poster child of victimization, not only because he happens to be black but because he's flamingly homosexual, I knew from the beginning of his self-flagellating odyssey that he had one minor fault when it came to making it in professional football:

He was not and will never be, good enough.

He blamed his departure from the NFL on being gay, because that's what these inculcated victims who have no concept of personal responsibility do.

I suspected that from the very beginning, since he led with his choice of the variety of sexual partners he had (male) and then when I saw that rather disgusting YouTube video when he finally got drafted by those hands up, don't shoot idiots, the Rams.

For a quick refresher: 

Well, as anyone watching him knew, that was going to work out.

It also didn't work out in Dallas.  And, quite apparently, it's not working out in Montreal, either... because he has now quit and is out of football:
Michael Sam tweets his departure from football, citing mental health
Michael Sam will step away from professional football, he announced via Twitter on Friday night.

Sam, the 25-year-old who began the season with the CFL's Montreal Alouettes, cited a tumultuous past year for leaving football at this time.

The Alouettes confirmed in a release that Sam has left the club for "personal reasons" and that he has been added to the team's suspended list.

Sam made the announcement in a series of tweets. 

Sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL, agreed to a two-year deal with the Alouettes this summer. He left training camp June 12, citing personal reasons, and sat out the team's first five games. He failed to record a tackle in his Alouettes debut Aug. 7.

Sam, the 2013 SEC defensive player of the year at Missouri, was selected in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL draft by the St. Louis Rams, did not make the team and spent some time on the Dallas Cowboys' practice squad before being released.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
His defenders point out that he was SEC DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR!!!!


So what?

Would that have happened if he was straight?

Don't know.

But that isn't an indictment of professional football where, clearly, at this point, they didn't care if you knocked over 7-11's as a hobby as long as you can hit the open receiver, so to speak.

Sam gambled everything on continuing his football career by playing the victim.  He lost.

He made an impact of some sort by blowing himself up by "coming out."

Lionized by everyone on the left from the moron-in-chief  down for his "courage," the missing element that might have made this a story worth telling is that he simply isn't good enough.

They put all of their eggs into the basket of what appears to me to be a loser.

Had Sam played it straight, so to speak: had he NOT lead with his sexuality as a reason for... well... anything... had he then made a pro roster and THEN came out?

We'd be telling a completely different story.

In all public figures who lead their professional lives by claiming to be militantly homosexual or militantly black, it shows a huge, gaping maw of insecurity.  They typically hold it up as some kind of shield to deflect criticism for some other weakness... how often have we heard that anyone opposed to Obama is a racist or anyone opposed to Molehill Moeller is a bigot?

I oppose Obama because he's a moron.  He's an idiot.  He's completely over his head and, were he to be discovered to be damaging this country deliberately instead of through his ignorance, cowardice and incompetence, then he should be tried for that.

Obama's color doesn't matter one wit to me.

His hypocrisy, race-baiting and spending us into bankruptcy (Along with the assist from the GOP-controlled Congress, of course) are among the many things I oppose about him, things that could fill a book.

But I oppose his use of the Constitution as his own personal toilet paper NOT because he's half-black... but because he's an idiot.

His color is immaterial to his arrogance, his tin ear and his stupidity.

Sam turned out to be a showman.  All hat... and if not "no cattle," than not enough cattle to start a ranch.

The roar of his arrival on the scene is now a whimper as he leaves it.  And all of those patting him on they back when he showed up?

Well, they're long gone now.

"America loves a winner.  They will not tolerate a loser." - Gen George Patton

On the NFL Network, for example, it was Michael Sam all day, every day, for weeks.

We were treated to updates on what this clown ate for lunch.


Cricket chirps.

And the question here is... if *I* knew this guy was going to fail and I haven't even picked up a football for over 30 years... then why didn't Sam's most militant allies know?

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