Sunday, August 16, 2015

The irony and the idiocy of Jayne's column today:

I almost fell out of my chair to read Jayne's hypocrisy this morning:

"Being respectful isn't politically correct, it's just plain correct," the editorial page editor of the least respectful, most painfully divisive newspaper in the United States tells us.

Apparently, Jayne has avoided reading the product of his scumbag editor for the past decade or more.

And, he must have slept through the John "Cockroach" Laird era.... a fringe-leftist hater of local renown who unhesitatingly trashed anyone smart enough to oppose his venomous views, particularly on his pet CRC/Loot Rail scam... which served to increase the alienation most county residents feel from the local version of the Nazi Party Daily.

Leftist hatred for Trump is nothing new: they're drawn to watching this man like a moth to a flame, particularly in view of that incompetent, arrogant felon running their show now... the one that allowed the slaughter of 4 Americans in Benghazi and who turned State Department communications into a communist reading room.

It's like the man said: HillBilly not knowing those emails were classified would be like Hitler not knowing he'd invaded Russia.

There were a few platitudes in Jayne's delusional tome today, to be sure: tenets that the slimebag running their show ignore on a weekly basis, tenets that their reporting staff have ignored, frequently, on a daily basis.

But as in so many things, before this despicable rag calls on others to engage in any sort of behavior, they should do the one thing they never seem to be capable of getting a handle on: introspection.

It's all well and good to take shots at others who don't meet their situational behavioral goal, but to do so without applying those standards to themselves?

THAT'S the hypocrisy that we've come to know and despise from the local latrine liner.
Because, in the end, the issue comes down to treating others with respect. It comes down to not referring to foes as dogs and slobs and to being cognizant of others' sensitivities. That's often not the politically correct thing to do — it's simply the correct thing.
"Cockroaches" are apparently OK, however.

That anyone working for a despicable, disgusting waste of wood pulp like the Columbian... a divisive, damaging, lying force of hatred like the democratian... could POSSIBLY take anyone else to task for engaging in ANY behavior is simply beyond the pale, given the behavior THEY engage in on a daily basis.

Even today, the headline off the Editor's cancerous word processor...
Press Talk: More stupid stuff from Mielke
... flies DIRECTLY in the face of his own message.

Look, I get why Jayne hates working there.  Who wouldn't?  I'd shoot myself before I'd work for a scumbag like Brancaccio.

But it's like Jayne doesn't read a thing  in that rag beyond his OWN effort which, if memory serves, has been fairly "disrespectful" itself on occasion since he took over that spot on the editorial page.

And that's the thing about "the correct thing."

It's THIS kind of hypocrisy and situational ethics that makes this rag the local cancer on our society.

And that's a shame, actually.  If only they worshipped the truth with the same intensity they worshipped hatred.

Imagine what the benefit would be if they'd stand up for us instead of constantly efforting an attempt to step on us for their own, typically wrong, agenda.

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