Thursday, December 04, 2014

Remember what I said about Michael Sam not being good enough for the NFL?

Well, as I said, Michael Sam was never going to make it in the NFL.  And I also said he'd blame it on being gay... as if a football gave a damn.  I postulated at the time that the Rams likely regretted wasting a draft choice on this clown after it became clear what his focus truly is:
See, if he were all about football... all about the job... all about the team?  He'd have done a much better job preparing himself for the combine AND he would have understood that the whole world does not agree with his choices AND he would have understood the fact that when it comes to the bottom line, his San Francisco street festival response to the Ram's mistake, provided deliberately for the cameras set up to "capture the moment," might not have been all that appropriate. 

And, at the press conference he'll have after he's given his outright release? 

He'll finally come out and say.... you guessed it.... he was cut from the team because he is gay.

Because that's how he rolls.

For me it's just a damned shame that he failed to understand that his spectacular flame out as a player will have negative consequences for all those who go on after him, much like the abysmal failure of Obama will have horrific consequences for all those of a minority who run for president. 

The first filter people will run them through will be that of Sam.  They'll shake their heads.  They'll run away in droves from the very idea that a late round draft choice can live on being a prima donna. 

Had Sam been a consummate professional... had he kept his mouth shut (So to speak) and outed himself after he was cut (As most 7th rounders... gay or straight... are inevitably cut) and kept his sexual preferences out of it, then he could truly have been judged by his skills and abilities... or lack of skills and abilities... alone. 

But that doesn't fit into the faux equality the ilk demands.  That doesn't fit into the "gay-as-victim" routine.  And as the NFL rues the day they got this clown, and other players are punished for daring to speak their minds if they disagree.... the cancer that Sam has made himself into... which is separate and distinct from what he is... will become more relevant than ever.
So, what does he have to say about failing?  Do I even need to ask?


I don't give a rip that this guy or any other is gay except to the point that someone else being gay impacts me, personally, through act or legislation.

But my judgment of his fitness to play in the NFL was based on a sorry combine appearance and a great many other elements... all of which were dwarfed by his militant homosexuality and his own personal agenda.

In the end, if he wants to play, he needs to understand two things: first, you've got to be good enough TO play.  He should know what it takes with his brief exposure (For lack of a better term) to the NFL AND he should know that most teams won't put up with a cancer in the locker room (Google Percy Harvin and LaGarrette Blount) for long.

STFU about who or what you have sex with.  Become good enough, strong enough, fast enough and SMART enough to play, and then go back.

But if you don't make it, man up and tell the truth: you aren't good enough, and that your playing the "gay" card was only an act to get you in.

Because this outcome was entirely predictable, just like you whining and sniveling about.

Stuff THAT in your cake and eat it.

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