Wednesday, December 03, 2014

GOP piles on Kimsey: Updated

The list of violations related to Greg Kimsey's multiple violations of law in his capacity of auditor/chief cheerleader for the Charter continues to grow.

At the outset, I believe that the CCGOP should, as an intermittent step, boot him out of the party.  I'm still waiting for that.

That said, here's the latest on RINO Greg Kimsey.

The rag, of course, refers to:
While the GOP's request for an investigation into Kimsey is one sign of divisions within the local Republican ranks, it's not the only one regarding the longtime auditor.
The only "division" is that one, Kimsey appears to have broken the law and 2. Kimsey appears to have cut his ties to the GOP by allowing his hatred of David Madore to enable him to ignore the GOP's position in opposition to the Charter.

That, of course, is his privilege politically, but not legally.  Much like it's the GOP's privilege to politically punish him for it by "Boldting" him.

It will be interesting to see what Golik does.  My guess: he'll decline to act.

Then the GOP has to launch their own investigation per the rules, including use of their subpoena power to build a case.

And I do look forward to either of those things happening.


I've noticed the C3G2 haters are out in droves,  Molehill Moeller has stuck his foot (Or something) in his mouth again, and all of these fringe-leftists are whining about the "GOP eating their own."

Well, first, they never hold their own accountable unless they're named Tim Sheldon.  These same hypocrites would dance over Sheldon's political grave: gleefully.

They put the H in "hypocrite." 

In fact, weren't many of these same scum saying the same thing about Boldt?

And how'd that work out for them?

I love the taste of their tears:

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