Monday, May 12, 2014

Michael Sam exhibiting his gay entitlement.

Yesterday, I proffered the idea that with Sam, who in the eyes of many at the combine should have been no better than "average" at best, it's all about Sam.  He will demand special treatment.

And not because of WHO he is... but because of WHAT he is, he's likely to get it.

Clearly, this guy is going to be a cancer in the locker room: a sense of entitlement amplified by the fact that he's arrogant enough to tell the world this:
Sam: I Should Have Been Drafted In The First Three Rounds 
No, Mikey... you shouldn't have been.  And when you're cut, it won't be because you're gay.  It won't even be because you see yourself as something special due to how far you can stick your tongue down your boyfriend's throat instead of how slow, how weak and how unmotivated you are.
It will be because you ain't good enough.
The very idea that the next-to-last draft choice would get a press conference with nation-wide coverage after that disgusting display when he couldn't even make "Mr. Irrelevant." 
The focus is not on his skills, what few there are in contrast to those who went before him. 

Not on what he can do for the Rams, short of being a tackling dummy.
Not on his impact in the locker room; and there WILL be an impact in the locker room.
But instead, the fact that he's all about sex with the same gender... and his own exhibitionism.
During the relatively short time Sam will be in the NFL, coaches, teammates and owners will come to see what a gigantic pain in the ass this kid is going to be.
It's a pity that he'll wind up working at a Starbucks or something, his only achievement having been to become a footnote at the bottom of the page.
See, if he were all about football... all about the job... all about the team?  He'd have done a much better job preparing himself for the combine AND he would have understood that the whole world does not agree with his choices AND he would have understood the fact that when it comes to the bottom line, his San Francisco street festival response to the Ram's mistake, provided deliberately for the cameras set up to "capture the moment," might not have been all that appropriate.
And, at the press conference he'll have after he's given his outright release?
He'll finally come out and say.... you guessed it.... he was cut from the team because he is gay.

Because that's how he rolls.
For me it's just a damned shame that he failed to understand that his spectacular flame out as a player will have negative consequences for all those who go on after him, much like the abysmal failure of Obama will have horrific consequences for all those of a minority who run for president.
The first filter people will run them through will be that of Sam.  They'll shake their heads.  They'll run away in droves from the very idea that a late round draft choice can live on being a prima donna.
Had Sam been a consummate professional... had he kept his mouth shut (So to speak) and outed himself after he was cut (As most 7th rounders... gay or straight... are inevitably cut) and kept his sexual preferences out of it, then he could truly have been judged by his skills and abilities... or lack of skills and abilities... alone.
But that doesn't fit into the faux equality the ilk demands.  That doesn't fit into the "gay-as-victim" routine.  And as the NFL rues the day they got this clown, and other players are punished for daring to speak their minds if they disagree.... the cancer that Sam has made himself into... which is separate and distinct from what he is... will become more relevant than ever.
Good luck, St. Louis.  You're going to need it.

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