Monday, May 12, 2014

Democratian begins pro-Pridemore campaign: did Parker and Barnes lie to the democrats?

We see where the rag has begun their pro-Pridemore campaign with what is likely to be a front-page, above the fold picture of the 3 on the execution list submitted to the commissioners by the democrats... except, of course, apparently at this point, neither Parker nor Barnes have filed... no doubt in an abortive effort to get Pridemore the appointment.

But there was a 4th player in this little melodrama: the damsel running the Daily Couv, one Temple Lenz... who was not put on the list because... well, because she told the democrats she wouldn't run in November.

So, that leaves the other two.

Parker mistakenly thought she had the gig in the bag.  Sources told me 2 weeks ago that she planned on resigning from the Chamber of Horrors where she'd lied about the CRC Scam for so many years as early as last week, to accept what she was sure was going to be the offer.

Her absence, had she received the gig, would have only lasted until 20 days after the November election anyway, because at that point, Jeanne Stuart will be sworn in... and Parker would, no doubt, go back to the Chamber of Horrors.

So Pridemore is the first to step up to get his political head handed to him in a basket.  But what of the other two?

It's going to be a long week for democrats generally, and these two in particular.  They must have made assurances they'd run in November that Lentz was not prepared to make.  So what happens if they don't file?

Well, if they don't file, then why were they included on the list?

Why was Temple kicked off of it?

If they don't file, will the commissioners go to court to have the democrats declared out of compliance by failing to provide three names of legal candidates? n How cool would THAT be.

And, of course, if they don't file, would Parker leave her cush gig at the Chamber of Horrors knowing that she'd never be able to sit in a commissioner's seat?

I still think it should be Ed Barnes.  Trashing him will be a hoot.  Let him sit up there and get hammered: see how HE likes it.

Still, there's some questions that need to be asked here: will the dems have the guts to ask them?

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