Monday, August 24, 2015

Jayne's inner leftist screams out.

The bizarre notion that our typically abysmal teacher corps is underpaid while our college football coaches are overpaid is just that: bizarre.

First, by his own admission, Jayne wrote about college sports for 25 years.  During that quarter century, how often did Jayne complain about this issue?

My guess?  Rarely to not at all.

Second, the idea that our teachers, who knew, presumably what the job paid before they took it and, therefore, by definition are NOT "underpaid," (after all, did someone have a gun to their heads when they agreed to take the job?) for their 183 day, 7 hour per day part time job as compared to an individual responsible for and supervising hundreds of personnel, directly and indirectly, is just that: bizarre.

To the extent that, as Jayne put it: Americans "need to question our priorities and value," that's nonsensical as well.

JAYNE needs to question HIS, as should all on the fringe-left.

But I have no problem whatsoever paying a coach using non-taxpayer dollars whatever they can make when they bring in 100 times as much, and that money is used to keep most of the other athletic programs afloat.

Look, I get that Jayne works for that fringe-left cancer on our community and they want the teacher's union, which is threatening to go on strike while that same rag remains silent about that, to kiss their collective ass.

But I don't.

I really don't care where dollars not out of my pocket go.

Frankly, if they can make more, more power to them.  Because for me, these coaches are as much "state employees" as the guy bringing the late night pizzas to Microsoft is a Microsoftie.

Teachers unions, being predominantly prima donnas, are considering a state-wide strike.  They are willing to again abandon the children in the interest of their peculiar brand of extortion to get even bigger, more inexcusable pay checks then what they get now... and hold our children hostage to get it.

My take:

As always... if teachers don't like the money, they should feel free to quit.

That's right: quit.

And whatever career you move on to, do yourself... and them... a favor: find out what it pays BEFORE you take it... and don't bitch or strike once you do.

As for me, I don't give a rat's ass if you all quit.  I'm sick of the lot of you.

Meanwhile, the coaches of these programs get paid what they're worth.  And teachers get far more than what they're worth as a whole.

And no amount of sniveling is going to change that.

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