Sunday, August 23, 2015

Thoughts on the Pike write-in campaign.

It is entirely possible that a properly run, well-financed campaign could actually win: the clueless and the horrific record of the two others on the ballot being the only other choices, Pike is a no-brainer.  After all, Linda Smith won the primary back in 94 as a write-in, and that was for Congress.

That said, the question involves the who, what, where and how of it.

The problem here is that with the two leftists, Boldt and Dalesandro, Dalesandro's vote percentage will be roughly the same in the general has it was in the primary.

Think in terms of Mussolini Mikey Briggs abysmal performance in the last cycle's 18th District race against Vick... which earned Briggs the sobriquet of "Mr. 37%."

Had any one of the GOP candidates who ran besides Madore not been involved in the primary, the leading vote getter obviously would be Madore.

This remains a GOP-leaning county.  Now the problem is the reverse of the problem the GOP candidates had going into the primary: the two leftists will split their vote... and that will leave Pike as a viable alternative.

Either Boldt or Dalesandro would be equally disastrous in office.  Boldt's knee-jerk reaction, typical of the local leftists, is a reflection of that:
Reached by phone Sunday, Boldt interpreted the write-in effort as a proxy war for Republican county Councilor David Madore, who, along with Republican county Councilors Tom Mielke and Jeanne Stewart, lost to Boldt and Dalesandro in the primary.
"I guess I knew from several people that David was mad and would try to do everything to get me out of the race," Boldt said, but he added he was surprised that Pike apparently would be the one to "take his bait."
Boldt said the development would not change his campaign strategy.
"News like this kind of gives you energy to work harder," he said.
Even though Boldt is my brother-in-law, I can't blame anyone for wanting him to lose.  But this fringe-left, whining reaction of his is what, more and more, I've come to expect from someone endorsed by the pro-abortion, pro-tax, pro-socialist, pro-Occupy types of the Yong Democrats, who found Dalesandro so clueless as a democrat that they wouldn't endorse him, instead aiming their support at the formerly conservative, formerly pro-life, formerly man of the people Marc Boldt.

 I don't have a great deal of faith in the local GOP's efforts, given how they seemed to have disappeared in the primary.  But who knows how this will turn out? 

The GOP votes ARE out there for a successful Pike run.  But her lack of active involvement will make success problematic... and since neither of the two clowns on the ballot can talk issues, since their positions and histories on the issues confronting us completely suck, I wouldn't be against Pike.

Just sayin'.

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