Monday, August 24, 2015

That left leaning mushroom cloud you might have seen here locally last night? C3G2 heads exploding on the Pike write in.


It didn't take the collective head of the C3G2 haters to explode after the democratian reported the write-in effort.

None of them, not one of them, are talking the issues, of course... every word is the hatred of Madore.

Boldt's campaign guy, Jim Mains, who lied his ass off about me personally during the cycle that Boldt lost, telling everyone who would listen that I was opposed to Boldt because I was getting paid by Madore, since Boldt is my own brother-in-law, whines in... or is it, weighs in?
Jim Mains ·
Partner and Director of Strategy and Campaigns at High Five MediaIt's too bad the people around Liz seem to be in a bubble and have no idea how this county (including local Republicans) feel. Current GOP leadership think having Liz in the race will bring out the conservatives??? I don't know what data they are reading but this just started a greater divide that will have ramifications well beyond this race.
I, for one, am willing to risk it.  Because nothing could be worse than either of these two leftists taking over again.

It takes two to have a "divide," you see and Mains' biggest worry is, well, Mains.  If he loses this, no one will ever take him seriously again... if they stupidly take him seriously now.

As a leftist, Mains could care less about "divides," except as they can amount to strategy he believes he can exploit.

Further, except for whining, Mains offers up nothing to indicate that the strategy to "bring out conservatives" is wrong.

I stated yesterday I wasn't interested in voting in this race.  Why bother?  Neither Boldt nor Dalesandro are any different, save for Boldt's proven record of ignoring and laughing at the voters, raising taxes without our approval and his rabid support of the CRC Scam.

But now?

I'm voting now.  And so is the rest of my family.  So for THESE conservatives, it worked perfectly.

And, as Boldt's campaign guy, which he neglects to mention in his screed, above.... Since that Mains "doesn't know" is typical of the campaigns he's involved in... like the Shane Gardner debacle and Boldt's last embarrassment... that doesn't mean it won't work.

What Mains is worried about here is that he knows a credible GOP vote and a split leftist vote could result in.

And if it's such a clueless strategy, why would that little worm have responded at all?

I repeat: properly funded and directed, given this is a GOP county... this can work.  And since if either of the two morons on the ballot win, the damage would be incalculable, Pike is a great alternative to the tax and spend and ignore the people shtick of Boldt, who has an 8 year record of that, and the clueless leftist idiocy of Dalesandro, who will merely do all he can to obstruct the GOP majority while demanding various tax increases like he has in Battle Ground.

Yes... hatred on the left is the order of the day.  It would be a genuine HOOT, were this to succeed... given the despicable campaign of lies and deceit the C3G2 haters, including Greg Kimsey, ran to get this fraud of a charter passed.

I look forward to the effort.

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Pete Masterson said...

Relieved that we'll have a genuine conservative on the ballot. I was planning to write in "none of the above" for the chair position. Now I can write in Liz Pike and there is a chance my vote won't be wasted. (I had other offices to vote as I'm in the District 2 area.)