Tuesday, August 25, 2015

As expected, Boldt suddenly feels kinda Republican... when it suits him. His sniveling email to GOP PCO's.

Face it: Boldt is terrified that if Liz Pike runs against him via write in or in any other way: he loses.

As I said earlier, now, suddenly, all is forgiven.

So Boldt has someone (Mains?) write this letter for him, whining and sniveling about the write-in and now, suddenly, falsely claiming to be a Republican.

Because he's desperate, he sent this series of lies out to Republican PCO's in an effort to try and talk them in to, well, supporting him.
From: Campaign Information <info@marcboldt.comDate: 08/25/2015 8:45 AM (GMT-08:00) To: Subject: ATTN: PCO’s - A letter from Marc Boldt  
Dear PCOs: 
I am running for county chair because I believe in Clark County.
No... he's running because he wants to max out his retirement and needs two more years to make that happen
I am a lifelong Republican, and I will never believe that the truths we hold dear should be used as a weapon to injure others. When the new leadership of the county party decided to throw me out because I wasn’t “Republican enough,” I’ll be honest with you: it hurt. But it didn’t change what I believe or who I am at my core.
Because you had already "changed at your core."

You voted to raise our taxes 6 out of 8 years (What Republican would do that?)

You ignored the people and lied to me about the CRC Advisory vote that never took place.  (What Republican would do that?)

You rabidly supported the CRC/Light Rail?Toll scam when not only your own party, but the majority of people in this county opposed it.  (What Republican would do that?)

You hated the guy that beat you in 2012... and rabidly supported the leftists who hated him as well... so you supported wrecking the entire government structure of this county... a structure that YOU had NO problem with when it benefited YOU. (What Republican would do that?)

You started out running for THIS job as a "conservative Republican" in the Columbian, then you segued into a "moderate Republican" in The Reflector and then you dumped the GOP altogether.
(What Republican would do that?)

And THEN, you sought out and accepted the endorsement of the most radical, far-left, pro-abortion, pro-tax, pro-anarchy political group in Clark County: the Young Democrats.  (WHAT REPUBLICAN WOULD DO THAT?)
And those of you who know me, know that being true to who I am and what I believe, and doing the very best I can for the people I serve—is all I can do. I don’t know how to be anyone other than who I am, and one thing you can count on is that I won’t change who I am just to make someone else happy.
*I&* know you.  And THAT I know you is why I am so rabidly opposed to you being elected.  Those text messages you sent me, your own brother-in-law, prove beyond any doubt that you're unfit for political office, PARTICULARLY when you have your wife TEXT THEM FOR YOU.

It wasn't even you.

And here's the thing, Marc: the moment you set your stand on the CRC in concrete and wouldn't move off of it, you absolutely "changed to make someone else happy."

The democrats and the downtown interests who owned you as a commissioner were THRILLED.
And I am running as a non-partisan candidate because I believe that good county government is about service, not the letter you put behind your name.
Then why are you still claiming to be a Republican in this letter, but not saying any of this publicly?
It is unfortunate that a group of people in our county’s Republican Party leadership are refusing to honor the will of the voters and that they insist on continuing the divisiveness in our community.
This seems like the Mains influence rearing it's partially bald head:

If you lose in this election to a write in... what will THAT be if it isn't the will of the voters?

If you lose to Liz... is that not the "will of the voters?"

Why are you whining like it isn't?
This small group is putting the party above the people, a


This is WHY I'm starting Marc Boldt Watch.

YOU put YOURSELF above the PARTY AND the people.  You worry so much about the party that even though you've been an elected PCO for 3 years, you have NEVER attended a party meeting because you hate the party so much.
And that’s just not something I can do.
Said the guy who sold out to the Young Democrats.
I believe in Clark County, which means I believe in the people here—all of them—Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, even the Green Party.
Swell.  Then declare yourself a democrat and be done with it.

Meanwhile, that "small group" of Republicans doesn't seem to be in your list.  So why shouldn't they come after you?
They are all citizens of Clark County and they all deserve to have a county chair who isn’t ruled by a single party’s ideology.
Then what are you afraid of?

So, you're writing a letter to the Republican Party... and in this letter, you're telling the Republican Party that they're meaningless in your consideration and that you don't give a damn what they think.

The letter you received from Christian Berrigan talks about how I worked across the aisle.
Actually, Marc, you LIVED across the aisle.

You voted left, thought left, voted for unconstitutional ordinances, raised our taxes and ignored the people on the CRC Scam.
About how, as a Republican, I earned a reputation for working with Democrats, and how that work even earned me the endorsement of Democrats. And according to Berrigan, that’s a negative.
He's right.  Being a RINO is not endearing to a political party.  If you want to consistently ignore the GOP (Didn't you admit, in the paper, to not even having read the GOP platform?) and consistently vote democrat, then go BE a democrat)
But I disagree. Since when is a reputation for listening, learning, and orking[sic] with people to achieve common goals something we shouldn't strive for, every day?
When you become co-opted by the left and forget who elected you is a start.
My God tells me to love everyone, not just the ones I agree with. I am proud of my service, and I am proud to have worked with many good people over the years. I didn’t leave my party, my party left me.
Good riddance.  And if the party "left you," then why are you STILL A PCO?  Why didn't you resign?

Gotta wonder: when you sought out the Young Democrat's endorsement, did you talk to them about what "your God" wanted?

Of course not.  And that's just one of the many hypocritical elements of your scam campaign
If you decide to support the write-in effort, that’s your choice.
Gee.  Thanks.
But I urge you to think about it and reconsider.
Why?  We need a Republican and a conservative to vote for.  And you ain't either one.

Why?  Because there is no discernible difference between you and Dalesandro on the issues that matter.

Why?  Because you've become a pathetic hypocrite and elective office is the last place you should be.
I am running as a nonpartisan candidate because we have a county to run.
And somehow, this equates as a reason for the Republicans to SUPPORT YOU????

Why do you have to lie?

You're running non-partisan because first, you hate the GOP and second, you believe it gives you the best chance to win.

I don't believe "your God" is happy with you lying, Marc.  What say you check in with him and find out.
I have the experience, knowledge, and personal strength to do that better than anyone else running.
And we have the experience, the damage, the costs, the high taxes and your pettiness to show for your time in office as a result.

We don't need that again.
We need someone who is ready to roll up their sleeves, get to work, and truly serve all the citizens of this county. I am that candidate.
Except, you're NOT that candidate.

When you were last elected, you were totally owned by the democrats and the downtown mafia.

This time would be no different because you are THAT gullible.
Thanks for your time and consideration.
God bless,

Any of either is more than you deserve.

In the end, you portray yourself as an "Independent" for one reason and one reason only: you don't want anyone to hold you accountable for any of your tax increases, any of your efforts to ignore us, any of your efforts to do precisely and exactly what the hell you want to do without having to answer to anyone.

But now... when you need them...you want that same GOP you despise and have had nothing to do with since before you went out and got elected as a PCO... a GOP you've ignored for 3 years... to try and save your ass.

And that is both pathetic AND hypocritical.

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Lew Waters said...

From what I have uncovered this morning, it likely wasn't Marc writing that email.