Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Local GOP icon tries to convince me that Boldt is a Republican.

Ann Donnelly, former GOP Chair and long time GOP icon around these parts responded to me reaction to a democrat expressing happiness that Pike wouldn't be involved in the right-in campaign.

I had wrote:
I kinda wish she'd stayed, considering who we have left to vote for.
Then I wrote:
  • Dianna, there's two democrats on the ballot. You're a democrat. Why would you want a Republican... any Republican... to run against them?

    But that's what makes up politics, isn't it?

    I'm writing in Liz regardless. I'm going to urge every one I know to do the same.
At this point, Dr. Donnelly (PhD) came in and wrote this, followed by my effort to respond.:
  • Ann Donnelly Marc Boldt is, however you may disagree with him, still a GOP PCO and is a stated Republican. You may not agree with him but that is the fact.
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  • Kj Hinton
    I'm sorry, but is he running as a Republican?

    And when was the last time you saw him at a GOP function since he was elected PCO?

    Ann, as a former Executive Director of the State GOP, the first thing I up learned up there was nothing is more worthless than a party label.

    He was kicked out of the GOP for a reason: he ignored the people, voted for an unconstitutional gun grabber ordinance, voted to raise our property taxes 6 out of 8 years, voted with Stuart to pop us a .2 cent increase in the sales tax without asking, supported the CRC/Light Rail and tolls, and voted like Steve Stuart owned him while he acted like Tom Mielke didn't exist.

    THAT is the fact.

    I have Spaniels more Republican... and no one... NO ONE... you see commenting on or meet outside of his actual family knows him better than I do.

    Feel free to vote for the man. It's a free country.

    But he's no more a Republican than he is a Martian... which is why the ultra-left, pro-abortion Young Democrats passed on the only democrat running to endorse him, and why leftist Jim Mains is running his campaign.

    You can claim he's a 7 foot tall center for the Blazers, but that don't make it true. He's ashamed of being GOP as much as the GOP, based on his actual record as a commissioner, should be ashamed to vote for him.
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I am still waiting for Ann's response.

In the end, I have no idea how this is going to turn out.  But as a conservative, when confronted with the choice of voting for two hard-corps democrats or voting for the conservative... Pike?

Is that even a choice?

Meanwhile, Boldt continues with the facade that he's a kinda-sorta GOP'er who has no serious GOP support save for the RINO and hater contingent (Right, Caroline?) He'll continue to play that game because he thinks it gets him votes, and those who do not see the NEW Marc Boldt as opposed to the old will fall for it.

In the end, my vote goes for at least the chance that a conservative will win this election and keep us on track, instead of... well... tweedle left and tweedle lefter.

I like Pike.  And I believe her to be the superior choice.  SHE will get my vote.

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