Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More leftist hypocrisy? C3G2 haters forget one tiny thing on the issue of "The VOTERS have decided."

Well, maybe more than one.

Of the many clueless haters infesting the C3G2 hate site, Fran Hammond is one of those who is completely programed to ignore reality in favor of her moronic, far-left partisan take.

Her hatred of anyone or anything to the right of Mao is legendary.  It's a sight to behold... an awesome thing... almost to be admired in it's breadth and depth.

For example, I was sent this beaut, where Hammond, a vitriolic, fringe-left nutberger wrote the following under the article talking about Liz not being active in the write-in vote:
Fran Hammond ·Vancouver, WashingtonShe states that she "respects the will of the voters". So, why would she not adamantly decline? We have a top-two primary. The VOTERS have decided. We have our two candidates for the chair and the VOTERS elected her to serve her term in Olympia!  I cannot believe the hubrus and tantrums of the CCGOP. If I were a betting person, I could easily place my bets on the top 3 "donators". Same old, same old! I hope their fortunes are as ill-spent as they were in the primary!Like · Reply · 11 · 13 hrs
Is this a really GOOD time to point out that what anyone or anything in the GOP at any level decides to do doesn't have to meet with your approval, Franny?  Or that, if it were leftists of the Soros/Steyer variety dropping big bucks here, you wouldn't give a rat's butt?

And that if you don't like what's going on here, that likely means they're doing exactly the right thing at the right time and in the right way?

Now THAT is old school, gut level hatred and partisanship on Hammond's part.  So where is she and so many others on the left blowing it?

Like every other leftist I've ever known, when even the possibility exists that the outcomes of our system don't match their expectations, you typically get this kind of reaction.  Leftists HATE the idea of the vote... particularly around here... since so many of those votes come out the wrong way for them.

But what *I* would like to know is this:

If this write-in campaign is successful... and it may be successful...

... how would THAT not be the will of the people as well?

Odd, isn't it?  How none of these haters supported even having advisory votes, let alone sided with the people on any of those outcomes.  And now, one of those who hates the very most is suddenly concerned about what the "voters decide?"

And since when has the left given a crap about what the VOTERS want?

The voters demanded a county wide vote on the BRT Scam.

Did we get it?  No?

Where's the left's upset about that?

No where.

By act and deed, the voters of this county repeatedly made it clear that we do not want and did not want the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

How much of an impact did that have on any leftist's desire to jam that crap pile down our throats?


In the end, if Liz Pike wins by a write-in, local leftists will fume even more than now, since they see the possibility of their precious plans to screw Madore going up in smoke.

And if this was not a scenario to be taken very, very seriously... then why would they care at all?

The stench of hypocrisy.  The active leftist scum like Hammond reek of it.

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Lew Waters said...

Let us not forget, when voters narrowly defeated CRC BRT funding last time, it was written off as "not the will of the people" due to low turnout.

And since we now know this primary also had a low turnout, applying that same standard, it too must be discounted as necessarily the will of the people.

But, we know their double standards are legendary.