Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Trump/McCain bruhaha.

So yesterday, Trump center-punched McCain.

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  • As a veteran of combat arms, I'm of exactly two minds about this:

    Having had a political family member denigrate my service, which was nothing compared to McCain's, I know the anger that can cause.

    It's one thing to attack a veteran.  It's another when you never served yourself.

    I get that.

    And taking it a step further, all who served this nation, unlike most on the left and the clown running this show, have shown by their actions a propensity of putting this country first... ahead of self.  That certainly speaks to McCain's favor.

    As a veteran, I will always give fellow veterans running for office first shot, regardless of party.  That gains them political entree, so to speak.

    But having achieved that, their politics is what keeps them at my political pinnacle.  What they do with the opportunity and privilege we've given them is the thing.

    And McCain has blown it.  Repeatedly.

    Those in the establishment of the GOP who've been looking for a way to attack Trump believe this was their golden moment.

    I don't think so.

    Regardless of what Trump has said about McCain, what he's saying about illegal aliens and terrorism and the complete vacuum of leadership and rank cowardice of the current administration is much more important.

    If the GOP wants to resonate like Trump, than they need to more closely align their positions with him.  Throwing Hail Mary desperation passes because you've got and are getting no traction isn't the way.

    McCain, in theory, is a big boy.  He can take care of himself.

    But if the GOP were more Trump-like on his positions, then there wouldn't even be a Trump candidate to concern themselves with.

    The GOP has, for lack of a better term, morphed into a bunch of pussies.  So afraid of being called names and being ridiculed that the issues confronting this country... issues such as massive debt, illegal aliens, border security, ridding ourselves of the fungus of Obamacare and Benghazi, to name a few, remain unresolved and in many cases, even unaddressed even though many of these same cowards ran on a platform of addressing all of these things.

    I would rather dive into a vat of boiling hydrochloric acid than vote for Jeb Bush or anyone like him.

    I believe that in policy, the GOP needs to be more like Trump... MUCH more like Trump.

    And when it comes to this issue... those running for office who never thought highly enough of serving it in uniform should just shut the fuck up, because those babbling about it who blew service off are just as bad, if not worse.

    As for me, I refuse to discount everything Trump has ever said because he bitch-slapped a RINO like McCain.

    That he used that verbiage was stupid on his part.  But it has no impact of any kind on the rest of the issues he's talking about... or positions that he's taken... positions which, for the most part, I see him as being completely on target about... to the consternation of the establishment RINOs infesting the GOP today.

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    Martin Hash said...

    Trump may just have attracted a lot of votes from people who were NOT in the military. Soldier-worshipers, like all religions, don't comprehend that there can be any pov but their's. Like racism, dislike of the military is a closely-guarded secret, so you don't really know what voting segment Trump has put in play?