Sunday, July 19, 2015

Democratian damage control for Rivers: "Can't win if you don't play - can win if you cheat."

Another in the two-decade long series of "bash Benton" pieces was used this morning as the opening gambit for a damage-control campaign for Sen. Ann Rivers (R-18) whose good work to date has been massively overshadowed by ignoring a primary campaign promise she made to get elected, to neither increase the gas tax nor tab fees on her watch.

She then proceeded to do both.

Briefly, this is what she wrote for her 2012 campaign web site, recently taken down because, no doubt, of the dichotomy of her words from her actions:

Seems fairly straight forward to me.

In addition, Rivers approved both the application of a completely bogus emergency clause and the successful GOP Senate effort to keep a referendum clause out of this legislation, not to mention the GOP Senate/Brad Owen skullduggery in the form of the "unconstitutional/constitutional switch" flipped by the GOP Senate when it came to the transportation tax increase (GOP-Senate Rule UNconstitutional/GOP-Senate Rule CONstitutional... when they wanted it to be.)

So, not only did she lie to get elected, she then compounded that lie by "CRC-ing" the voters of her district and this state by taking every available step to keep us from having any direct say on this legislation, the largest gas tax increase in state history.

And don't misunderstand me: she MAY say that she opposed the emergency clause and tried to get a referendum clause into the bill.

Fine.  Then make those requirements a condition of your support.  If those are not in the bill...

Vote "no."

Regardless of her positions on those issues, she failed to leverage them into the bill and voted for it anyway.

And this is something she's proud of?

I get that the rag is all about lying and betraying the voters for what they see as a good cause.  In everything from the Pollard Hilton that has sucked up $27 million of our tax dollars during it's sordid existence to the CRC Scam to BRT and the TriMet $5 million sellout, when it matters, the rag has been there to help the special interests grind their jack boots into the back of our necks.

After all, THE biggest liar in local politics is Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, slavishly supported by Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio ever since he flipped about 60 seconds after HIS election on the tolls issue for the CRC Scam, in fact, doing roughly the same thing that Rivers did on the gas tax:

Using their respective positions on these issues to get elected, only to betray the voters who rabidly supported them because of those stances by ignoring their pledges once it suited them.

And, as you might expect, completely unmentioned by the scum at the democratian who, having read my blog 4 or 5 times a day according to my tracking software, are well aware of this campaign promise but who, seeing yet another opportunity to pummel Benton, failed to mention it since it would blow their meme out of the water.

It's the minor detail that keeps on giving.

They failed to mention it because integrity and truth really have no place in the hallowed halls of Lying Lefty's den of inequity.

In the end, Rivers got her 4 pieces of silver for selling out while, like him or hate him, Benton kept his campaign promise to not increase our taxes.

We would be having a completely different discussion had the GOP-controlled State Senate, along with my Senator, Ann Rivers, made sure that this package in fact DID have a referendum clause in it before they voted it out.

But in the end, this legislation shows that the GOP of this state is just as frightened of the will of the voter... just as concerned about political expediency.... just as unwilling to go out and convince us that this is the right thing to do and get our PERMISSION to do it... as the rankest democrat who ever lived.  You know... like Jimmy Moeller or any of the C3G2 gang of haters.

And, of course, no column of idiocy by the rag could possibly be complete without shilling the $100 million complete waste of money to rebuild a freeway intersection... 1-5 and Mill Plain... that absolutely needs nothing, let alone a rebuild.  Because, after all, it was on the CRC project list and some nibble at that loaf is better than no bread at all.

The column, then, effectively chastises Benton for keeping his promise and lionizes Rivers for lying.

But then, in the up is down, right is left world of the rag, does anyone find that terribly surprising?

When I was a leader in the military... both an NCO and and officer, one of the rules of being a leader... one of the cornerstones of leadership was simple:  Never promise anything that you cannot or will not deliver.

Let me repeat that:

If you're going to be a leader of any kind... including in politics.... never promise anything you cannot deliver.

The only thing that makes our political system work is also the same thing that makes our monetary system work... for now, anyway... and that is that the piece of paper in your hand, be it the dollar or a solemnly made campaign promise is, in fact, worth something.

In national politics, perhaps the biggest liar of the last 65 years is our president, who essentially lies every time his lips move.  He's had his chances, and lied repeatedly throughout them.  Now, for example, when he needs the American people to believe him on the idiocy of Iran... we don't.

But what happens when we lose faith in that piece of paper?  What happens when we lose faith in those representing us because they lied to us?

And no matter how much the cancer on our community spins it, it boils down to one Senator telling (and keeping) the truth, while the other Senator now gives us reason to doubt everything she says, everything she claims, everything she utters... because at base... she lied to get elected... and now, we must ask ourselves:  When is she telling the truth and when isn't she?

And no amount of leftist lying pap from the embarrassment of a local newspaper can change that.

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