Saturday, July 18, 2015

Situational hatred and leftist ethics by the C3G2 gang.

Look, I'm sure that every county of any size by population has it's own hate groups.  The largest one, put together by hater-in-0chief and District 2 councilor candidate Chuckie Green, is the aptly named Clark County Haters for a Leftist Government, aka C3G2.

One of their most strident haters is one Michelle Wollert.

And while she appears to hate anyone to the right of Mao, she fits hand-in-glove with the hatred meme of C3G2 when it comes to David Madore.

Now, let me make this clear: I am not voting for Madore in the primary.  If he makes it to the general against either Boldt or that porcine little dwarf Dalesandro, then I will vote for him in the general.

I would vote against any candidate who stupidly thinks the I5 Bridge is this regions "top transportation priority" because, of course, most people with functioning neurons in the area are not possessed of or care about the "downtown mafia, got-to-have-loot-rail-influence" that runs Boldt's and Dalesandro's campaign.

That said, the point of this post will be made clear in a second.  But first, here's one of the cornerstones of the C3G2 hatred set as espoused by Ms. Wollert:
Michele Wollert
According to the most current Public Disclosure Commission's reports, to-date, David Madore has donated about $104,000 to his own campaign. Add to this already-fat number, the $151,000 raised by three individuals in a new Madore PAC; and $16,000 individual and in-kind donations and you have a whopping total of about $261,000 in Madore's war chest. 

Compare that figure with the total donations raised by the other candidates: Mielke $21,870; Boldt $11,025; Stewart $7325 ($5000 of which is a loan she made to her own campaign); Dalesandro $6376.

Put those numbers on a chart, like my friend 
Bridget McLeman did and the discrepancy in money power is, well, visually stunning shall we say.

This race is like watching a sports team pummel an opponent, running up the score just because they can. Good sportsmanship be damned. Who cares about a level playing field? Let's beat the snot of of 'em because we have something they don't and because we CAN.

I am wondering what is missing in Madore's soul that allows him to take pleasure and pride in his breathtaking finance advantage. He should be ashamed.
In the last election,Madore outspent Boldt by roughly 3 to 1.  The fringe left have convinced themselves in their stupidity that, as a result, Madore "bought" his election.

Thus, Wollert's peculiar brand of leftist hatred as shown above.

Yet, they fail to mention the OTHER commissioner race happening at the same time, the Tom Mielke/Joe Tanner race.

And they don't mention it because, well, frankly, Tanner outspent Mielke by roughly NINE to one... and Mielke cleaned his clock.

Tanner dropped tens of thousands of his own money into that race, much more than the entirety of Mielke's entire campaign budget... and still got his butt kicked.

So, if Madore "bought" HIS own race... how do these fringe-left nutbergers explain the Tanner/Mielke debacle?

The can't.  More importantly, they won't.  And they won't because money is nice to have... but ultimately, ideas and a record are what wins  (or loses) elections, and Boldt's record and ideas sucked.

He barely received 30% of the vote in his own district in the primary that he'd been representing for 8 years.  That meant that 70% of his OWN commissioner district did not want him any more.



And now, the thought process is that Madore is likely to win (And I believe that to be the case) and when he wins, the fringe-left slime are already setting up the excuse that it wasn't about ideas... it wasn't about his vision... it wasn't about his accomplishments... oh, no... it was only about his MONEY.

In fact, that scumbag hypocrite Wollert tells us that HE (Madore) "should be ashamed."

Of what?

Were these same scum "ashamed" of Tom Steyer, when that California billionaire dropped millions in to our last election cycle to win the GOP Senate for the democrats?  Was Wollert out there pounding her moron drum over that?

No?  Why not?

I'll tell you why not.  Because leftists generally are rank hypocrites.  And Wollert is no exception.

And what about democrat congresswoman Suzane DelBene, of Washington's 1st District?  She spent around $3 million or so of HER own money to "buy" HER seat.

Was Wollert or any of the other C3G2 haters throwing a hissy fit over THAT?

Of course not.  It was a leftist doing it.  And when the Koch Brothers spend their money as they see fit, many of these same fringe-left morons lose their minds.

Let George Soros drop tens of millions into democrat campaign efforts and you could hear a church mouse fart in the silence of these same hypocrites.

Even fringe-left nutbergers like Wollert are entitled to their opinion.  But to have any validity, they should hold everyone equally accountable... and require the same standard of EVERYONE in politics... not just the people they hate.

And that's why, in many ways, I do hope Madore wins.  The heads exploding all over the local leftist world would be a sight to enjoy... a comedy of epic proportions.

And they're already good for a laugh.

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