Saturday, July 18, 2015

How to deal with the muslim issue.

What to do... what to do.

98.9 FM The Answer's photo.Picture it this way: it's World War 2... and we have 6 million die-hard Nazi's in this country.  What would we do with them?

Well, we could be guided by what other countries do.

Japan, for instance, allows practically zero muslim immigration.

There's something to be said for that, obviously.

But we have something on the order of 6 million muslims in this country.  Hell, we haven't bothered to control our illegal alien population, how can we hope to control a group with the avowed aim of taking over our country and exercising power over everyone in it?

As the number of episodes of muslims murdering us increase... and continue... at some point, this country will act... will be forced to act.

What does that look like?

We have a Constitution.  The president has shown us what an increasingly powerless document that is; he and his party ignore it like slime on the CTran Board ignores the BRT vote.

The Constitution is the basis for all of our laws.  What it ISN'T... is a death warrant.

There are ways... even Constitutional ways... to address this issue.

So, what to do?

Rest assured, none of the options are pleasant.  When implemented... and at some point, they're very likely to be implemented... there will be a great whaling and gnashing of teeth.

But is this Nation to be allowed to use it's guiding principles against it?

1.  We must end all muslim immigration.

There's a reason that Japan has practically zero issues with muslims.  That reason is: they have next to none.

2.  We must eradicate muslim extremism wherever it exists.

That means we quit screwing around and destroy ISIS and al Qaida and any other group or country bent on our destruction... such as, for example, Iran... and destroy them first.

Borders must be as meaningless to us as they are to them.  And that means going after them wherever they are... as well as going after those who support them, assist them, finance them...or in any way aid in their ultimate aim.

3.  We must begin the process of eradicating muslim extremists from this country.

Being or becoming a muslim far exceeds the importance of nationalism to the militant ilk.

To do nothing in the face of evil is to acquiesce to that evil.

In this case, we must error on the side of caution.

If we suspect an individual of being an extremist muslim, we must arrest them and deport them.

If a country doesn't want them or won't take them, we can always return Mexico's favor and force them over the border there.

But we cannot allow the existence of militant islam within our borders.

4.  We must secure our borders.

As much as Obama enjoys making this country a destination resort for illegal aliens, it's far too easy for these individuals to infiltrate this country.  Border security, of which we effectively have none... is a critical element of that equation.

There are a great many systems that have to be developed and put into place.  And in reality, the time is long past.

But ultimately, the attacks are going to increase in number and severity.  And with each attack, they become closer to their goal while we are pushed further away from what makes this country great.

We can accomplish this by declaring muslims to be enemy combatants.  And yes, it will be painful and difficult.

But not as painful and difficult as the funerals of innocent Americans slaughtered by these scum.

Some reading this will, no doubt, be horrified at the thought.  But the fact is that these people do not recognize borders.  An oath of allegiance to this country is utterly meaningless to these people.  It is, quite simply, kill or be killed.

And as a nation, we must begin to realign our thinking to address the ever-increasing threat.

Or we are going to pay... and pay dearly?

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