Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More on the Trump McCain idiocy: using veterans as political fodder.

The RINO Establishment is losing their minds.

What.  They think nobody is watching?

This is a list of World War 1 and 2 monuments and cemeteries located around the world, mostly outside the US.

Under most of them lie the dead of our Nation, fought defending a people that could not, for the most part, defend themselves successfully against aggression without the help of our (almost entirely) young men who gave their last, full measure of devotion to an idea.

Aisne-Marne American Cemetery
Ardennes American Cemetery
Audenarde American Monument
Belleau Wood
Bellicourt American Monument
Brittany American Cemetery
Brookwood American Cemetery
Cabanatuan American Memorial
Cambridge American Cemetery
Cantigny American Monument
Chateau-Thierry Monument
Chaumont Marker - AEF Headquarters
Clark Veterans Cemetery
Corozal American Cemetery
East Coast Memorial
Epinal American Cemetery
Flanders Field American Cemetery
Florence American Cemetery
Guadalcanal Memorial
Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
Honolulu Memorial
Kemmel American Monument
Korean War Monument at Busan
Lorraine American Cemetery
Luxembourg American Cemetery
Manila American Cemetery
Marker at Papua New Guinea
Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery
Mexico City National Cemetery
Montfaucon American Monument
Montsec American Monument
Naval Monument at Brest
Naval Monument at Gibraltar
Netherlands American Cemetery
Normandy American Cemetery
North Africa American Cemetery
Oise-Aisne American Cemetery
Pointe du Hoc Ranger Monument
Rhone American Cemetery
Saipan American Memorial
Santiago Surrender Tree Memorial
Sicily-Rome American Cemetery
Somme American Cemetery
Sommepy American Monument
Souilly Marker-1st Army Headquarters
St. Mihiel American Cemetery
Suresnes American Cemetery
Tours American Monument
Utah Beach American Memorial
West Coast Memorial
Western Naval Task Force Marker

In this country, there are hundreds of thousands of veterans (And I am not one of them, I'm drawing no disability not do I or have I filed any claim)  who wait... and wait... and wait... for their medical treatment and their claims to be adjudicated.

Many of them die waiting.

The Veteran's Administration's incompetence is the stuff of legends.

And it has not improved on John McCain's watch.

Folks, if what Trump said was insulting to veterans, I would proffer the idea that this government's treatment of veterans is a mortal offense in comparison.

How many times have we seen it?

Can anyone explain to me why illegal aliens are treated better and have access to more and greater benefits than veterans?

Here in Washington State, as just one example, an illegal alien who isn't even supposed to be IN this country is now eligible for in-state tuition and financial aid (thanks once again to our GOP-Controlled State Senate...have they taken really good care of us or what?) while a veteran from, say, Montana is allowed neither?

Illegals get housing, welfare, foodstamps and they even get tax refunds when they pay no taxes.

Do veterans get that?

So, here's the thing: As I've pointed out in the past, I will listen closer to a veteran, regardless of party or politics.  But once they get there, they had better keep their promises... and the US Senate needs to set about to keep the promises made to the veterans of THIS country... and what... how... has McCain done anything to accomplish that in the entire time he's been in the Senate?

An d when it comes to the non-serving POGS running for President, why anyone gives a rat's ass what Jeb Bush or anyone else who never bothered to serve has to say about it is beyond me.

These same people have essentially remained silent during the time they COULD have actually made a difference on this issue.

The LAST thing I need is for someone who never set foot in uniform, who wants to use our bodies to climb to the pinnacle of political power in this country, to tell me how outraged they are or how I, as a veteran, should feel or think.

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