Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lesson for the RINO Establishment: Trump doubles poll lead.

Look:  this is wayyyyyy early in the process.  But it would seem that RINO efforts to crown Jeb Bush as the next GOP loser are starting to fall apart.

At the end of the day, as much as the Establishment would love Trump to get out after his McCain remarks, that's not going to happen.  Nor should it.  And I don't say that as a Trump supporter, but I could become one if the rest of the field keeps playing the role of butthurt little girls when what the GOP needs is someone... more than a single someone... who is willing to get into a knock down, drag out fist fight for this job instead of being, yet again, another RINO wimp.

Many of the GOP pussies were "demanding" things from Trump because he slapped McCain around.  Well, so what?

McCain hasn't been all that to this government.

Yes, he served.  Yes, he's shown some balls.  But not in the last 3 decades.

Trump continues to tap into the growing GOP voter anger towards a do-nothing GOP majority that talked a great game... but which hasn't done crap since they won.

The Establishment tells us we're supposed to be pissed off at what Trump said about McCain as if that overshadows everything else he's saying... things that the GOP has been ignoring... whining about... or even helping Obama accomplish?
I don't think so.

Here's the thing: for me, my top priorities are (in no particular order):
Securing the borders.
Removing illegal aliens.
Ending the destination resort aspect drawing illegals here like magnets.
Eliminating sanctuary anything.
Forcing the Mexican government to provide effective border security on their side.

Eliminating ISIS and al Qaida.
Eliminating Iran as a nuclear threat.
Removing Russia from eastern Europe.                                                                       Rolling China out of the South China Sea.
Balancing the budget.

Eliminating the VA backlog... like that moron Obama promised back in 08.
Making sure that veterans receive their medical treatment in a timely manner, even if that means allowing treatment outside the VA system.

Stop charging veterans for the free medical care they were promised for life as a condition of enlistment.

Restoring the military back to 2008 levels in personnel.
Including women in draft registration.
Requiring all women to pass the male PT test.
Continuing to use the A10.
Get women out of combat.
Knock off the social engineering crap that is far too expensive and disruptive to implement.
These are the kinds of things I want the GOP generally and the presidential candidate to focus on particularly.

Otherwise, they can drop dead.

As I've repeatedly stated, I will never vote for a label or a "settle for" candidate again.

Meanwhile, instead of bitching and moaning at and about Trump, these wimps need to get off their collective asses and begin to emulate him.  Because ignoring these issues will get you nothing... including getting you elected.

The polls here don't lie.  And Trump continues to suck all of the oxygen out of the political room because he's talking about the things we WANT to be talked about.

And the GOP had BETTER listen.

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Kriss Mitchell said...

Trump just shows beyond a shadow of a doubt how starved we are for anything that looks like leadership. Trump has changed positions on many of these issues, he has contributed to the Clintons and Harry Reid, but that doesn't seem to matter when people are mesmerized by someone they see has no political ties and is willing to fight for what the people want to get done. I agree, the GOP needs to get a clue. Personally I like Cruz,but Trump definitely gets my attention.