Thursday, July 16, 2015

An alternative to the Obama sell out on Iran.

The moron in the White House has been challenging those breathing in and out with functioning neurons... meaning anyone with the IQ of a rock ape... who opposes the insanity he's trying to get us involved with... and I happen to have one:

Keep in mind the fact that Iranians are directly responsible for killing thousands of US Troops and wounding tens of thousands of others in Iraq and Afghanistan by providing the wherewithal either directly, or indirectly.

If I were president, I would be taking the following actions:

1.  Two carrier battle groups head to the Persian Gulf immediately.

2.  Stop gutting the military/Restore personnel to 2008 levels.

3.  Gear up the draft mechanism: require women to register.  (You want equality?  Earn it.)

Then, I'm calling the head guy, and it goes like this:

1.  You have 12 hours to produce every American locked up in your country and turn them over to us.

2.  You have 72 hours to dismantle your nuclear program and turn all of your nuclear equipment and nuclear material over, to, say, the Swiss or some other neutral power.

3.  You have 72 hours to withdraw all personnel of every description from Iraq and Afghanistan.  (This will also include removing/destroying any military-related material in place.)

4.  If you do not obey these demands, at a time and places of our choosing (Likely within 48 hours) I will destroy your Navy.  That will likely take an hour.

5.  If you still do not obey these demands, I will destroy your ports.

6.  If you continue to refuse, I will destroy your ability to produce oil.

7.  If you still refuse, I will start at some location in your country and begin the process of eliminating your electrical infrastructure.

8.  If you continue to say "no" or fail to comply, I will destroy your military altogether.

The goal is to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power.  This "agreement" guarantees that Iran will have nuclear weapons, and likely soon.  And when that happens, all Obama will be able to say is "whoops!"

Yes, this may mean going to war.  But we are going to war regardless.  And I would just as soon go in places and ways of OUR choosing... and not theirs.

So, yes... Mr. President.  Their are "alternatives," just like there are several clear pathways you lack the balls to consider when it comes to taking out ISIS.

You just lack the courage to implement them.

And that's our fault.  That's what we get when we elect a coward.

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