Friday, July 17, 2015

The biggest liar in the voter's pamphlet? Chuckie Green.

Chuck Green in particular must be defeated.

He would be CTran's representative on the County Council.  With no integrity and a hate-filled record of running the C3G2 site of political partisanship, his entire reason for running is to make sure the voters are ignored in even greater numbers than the CTran board ignores them now... while using his platform to continue the lynch-mob mentality of his hate group.

His election means that the 2nd District would have no representation on CTrans issues, because that slimy little worm would be forced to recuse himself from any vote regarding that money pit.

When he claims he's a "team builder" who "brings diverse groups together," someone you can "trust," who brings "civility" back to government... well, frankly...

... he's a liar.

Peruse the political hate site that he's been so instrumental in putting together.

See for yourself the fact that it's essentially nothing more than a fringe-left democrat front.  Read the hatred in the comments, the arrogance, the "right is stupid" meme that permeates.

Green is responsible for that in large part.

And the fact is that any issues with "civility" are a direct result of Green... and his ilk's effort to disrupt and attack based on their political perspective.

In fact, next time you see Chuckie, make sure you ask him when the last time he was down in front of the board apologizing to them or complaining about the whack jobs assaulting the councilors day after day after day during public board meetings.

The answer is: never.

Green has already proven that he's liar.  How can anyone trust him to govern?

It's also of note that he says nothing about what he'd do to address cross-river transportation issues.

As one of the most rabid supporters of the CRC Scam and the guy RUNNING the BRT rip-off in the face of county-wide opposition to that stupidity, the last thing this clown would do is concern himself with what the people actually want.

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