Thursday, July 16, 2015

So... how much longer do our service members get to be sitting ducks?

How many unarmed members of the military have to be slaughtered before our leaders act?

How many of our soldiers have to die before the policies are changed to give them at least a fighting chance?

What is the Administration going to do about these scum?

What's the magic number before they act?

The idea that you can be a non-commissioned officer in the Armed Forces of the United States... or a commissioned officer in the Armed Forces of the United States... and be denied the right to carry a weapon for your own personal protection ANYWHERE (Including on duty) on this planet... is absurd.

So, Mr. President; YOU'RE in charge.  It's ON YOU.  What are you going to do about it?

Are you going to call the wives and parents of these Marines?  Are you going to send "representatives from the White House" to THEIR funerals?

Or are you only concerned about thugs who rightfully get shot by cops?

You tell us "you take all of this seriously..."  OK... Swell.


Because here's a bulletin, you simple idiot: what you're doing NOW.... AIN'T WORKING.

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