Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tiptoeing back into Iraq.

It was unavoidable, it seems, that even an obvious moron like the president would have to bow to the inevitable at some point.

Look, I get this moron got the Noble Peace Prize about 60 seconds after he soiled our Nation's Capitol by being sworn in, and I get that more people have since been slaughtered on his watch than on Bush's.

I get that he loathes and despises the military.  His "people" can get the benefit of wasted billions on Obamaphones, but those actually serving on the ground... what few remain... lack the wherewithal to get the job done.

I get that he would ALWAYS waste more time playing golf than he ever would, say, visiting the troops at Walter Reed or Bethesda who are dying and bleeding because of his idiotic ROE's.

I get that he knows as much about international and geopolitical strategies as he does restructuring an intestinal bypass.

But I also get that, quite rightfully thanks to him, NO ONE in the area trusts the United States.  Who, in their right mind, would?  And without the trust of the indigenous people, how can the US ever hope to succeed?

Having learned nothing from Vietnam, this idiot has directly caused the deaths of tens of thousands by withdrawing from Iraq.

Nature and politics both abhor a vacuum... as ISIS has proven.  Obama created the largest political vacuum in the Middle East since the end of WW2.

Who has been dying over there?

Well, if you're a Christian, you'd better leave.

If you ever served in the Iraqi Military, post Saddam, You'd better leave.

And if you EVER even THOUGHT about helping the US Military... well, likely, you're already dead.

Not just in Iraq, but all over the region.

Our return, which I called for a year ago or more, is finally, inevitably, far too slowly to make any difference at this point, taking place.

In the interim, Obama has provided ISIS with billions in cash from captured Iraqi banks, billions in equipment in perfect working order, everything from our most advanced main battle tanks to MRAPS (At about a million each) to HUMVEES, rifles and machine guns and cases of ammo by the thousands as a leaderless Iraq military abandons them to Obama's "JV team."

As I have said for months now, the US Military, now gutted by Obama with massive budget cuts, personnel reductions and social programs, will be tasked with going back in and eradicating ISIS.

As ISIS continues their Nazi-like reign of terror, beheading or burning the innocent by the tens of thousands, we once again stand by... like we stood by in Rwanda under Clinton... only to see a million innocents die the same way... while we, effectively did nothing.

Precisely like we're, effectively, doing nothing or next-to-nothing in Iraq.


And as a result, ISIS grows stronger and more powerful.  Every day, the equation is that it will cost us much more blood... and much more treasure... to rid the world of these scum.

Many on the left claim that the American people will not support redeployment in any numbers and, therefore, we should not go back.

Well, we ARE going back.

Meanwhile, the American people have NEVER supported Obamacare... yet we should continue that?

ISIS has the will, the drive, the religious fervor with their "Religion of peace," the organization and equipment, inadvertently provided by a grateful American taxpaying public, to dominate the entire region.

Most governments in the area are weak, corrupt and religiously based.  And if you're a part of the wrong brand of islam, then you're out.

What the US has is an increasingly weak military, a coward as a commander-in-chief, political generals who refuse to stand up to this moron, terrible morale, drastically reduced troop levels and with our shrinking size, an growing inability to deal with the 4 main external threats facing the United States today:

China, Russia, Iran and ISIS.

This, of course, has been going on for far beyond a year.

And most recently, that clueless idiot running the show announces a truth (We (meaning Obama) do not have a strategy) and then a lie (that the Pentagon has yet to provide him with said strategy)

Anyone with even a passing familiarity with the military knows that not only has Obama been provided with A "strategy" by the Pentagon... he has been provided with SEVERAL "strategies" by the Pentagon.

But what should we expect from a liar?

So, depending on who you hear it from, he's finally decided to send either 400, 450 or 500 troops as "trainers" as if "training" Iraqis will fix this situation.

This from the clown who PROMISED "no boots on the ground."

ISIS and the rest of the terrorist world laughs because, frankly, they know we will not do what must be done.

Obama emboldens our enemies while weakening our friends.

Is it coincidence that Russia has invaded Ukraine on Obama's watch?

Is it coincidence that China is attempting to take ownership of the South China Sea by literally building... and then fortifying... artificial islands?

Is it coincidence that Iran is playing this wimp like a violin?

And is it coincidence that ISIS has exploded in size and capability... the JV team knocking off the Packers in the geo-political super bowl?

Obama has destroyed much of our military capability for the last two years.  Meanwhile, our enemy's capabilities and growth has in many instances been geometric.

ISIS is just the highest profile, most visible enemy right now.

And thanks to Obama's utter incompetence in so many fields of government, this is bound to get worse before it gets better.

Five top, soon to be ISIS big wheels... traded for a deserter?

Nothing else sums up the incompetence and lack of comprehension of the situation beyond that.  It will be on this Administration's tombstone, years... decades... centuries from now, historian will look back at the worst governmental leadership any modern nation has ever known.

And we are going to have to get off our collective asses and go back in there and do what has to be done.

Every day we wait will just mean more blood... more money... more time... and more pain.

And the responsibility for that ends at the very top.

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