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An issue (or two... or three... ) With Lefty Lou Brancaccio's "civility" hypocrisy.


Look, there's no getting around it.

The editor of the daily democrat, one Lefty Lou Brancaccio, has been stinking up our community for years as, perhaps, the most divisive and hypocritical force in local politics.

Because of having John "Cockroach" Laird. a fringe-left scumbag extraordinaire, work for him for years while doing, to an admittedly slightly lesser degree, the exact same things Laird did in print; Lefty has shown himself wholly unqualified to discuss the issue of civility... with anything approaching a straight face.

Like anyone possessed of the purely Nazi, screw-what-the-people-want mentality, Brancaccio has no problem finding quotes or references to back up his particular fringe view of things. He, Lefty, is NEVER wrong.  (Like everything the Germans did in World War II was legal... even if morally wrong... since, after all, if they needed to slaughter someone or steal something or invade some country, all they'd need to do is change their own law and voila!  Legal!)

Like all leftists, Lou is under the mistaken belief that when someone is a political enemy, or someone takes a political position that flies in the face of the resident agenda... those in the cross hairs should cheerfully stand in front of a post with their hands tied behind it without even benefit of a blindfold.

They should voluntarily set themselves in the stock and pillory to be assaulted by the crowd.

Yet, oddly, Lefty has no such expectation for the leftist politicians HE likes.

When, for example, was the last time he took that simple idiot congresswoman to task for failing to hold ANY town hall meetings since she was treated the exact same way the commissioners/councilors are at the single meeting she DID hold... the way that's OK in Lefty's world... which showed both her cowardice and her inability to take ANY heat?


As I wrote when the issue first came up with the Port Commissioners:
Everyone likely has the right to testify.  But the ability to testify VERBALLY is a courtesy... not a right. 
The Port Commissioners... as are ANY elected officials... have the right to limit testimony in any way they chose... and that includes, for example, limiting said testimony to writing. 
The local daily communist, of course, hates the commissioners because of their votes on coal and oil.  So they are going to take this garbage, fabricate some sort of a crisis and then run with it. 
The C3G2 scum (And now, along with Lefty Lou - edit) are falsely claiming First Amendment protections that don't exist in an unfettered environment because, of course, they're not getting their way.
Let's elevate the issue a tiny bit.

What do you suppose would happen if, for example, the scum that come in a vilify the port commissioners, insult them; threaten them, belittle them, attack them in about every way imaginable short of physical, were to testify in a congressional hearing that way?

Well, we all know what would happen.

There asses would be kicked out and they would be silenced.

You know it, I know it and Lefty knows it.  Because the very civility demanded in congressional hearings is the very civility the Port Commissioners are demanding and the very civility the county commissioners SHOULD have been demanding ever since the "uncivil" Lefty Lou combined with Steve Stuart to begin the current lynch-mob process/mentality.

In fact, let's take it another step further.

If Lefty ever had the guts to travel the county and set up public meetings to get feedback from the people he has been doing his best to both screw... AND ignore... how long would he put up with Ed Barnes-style rants, or Kelly Love CRC-style lies before he'd end such meetings?

See, it's easy for a hypocrite to demand something from others while failing to hold himself to the same standard.  And the big mouths who wrongly believe their perspective is THE most important, or that when they speak, they are the ones who believe they can blast anyone in office in a way that would mortally offend them, personally, if they were treated the same way in return.

Lefty, obviously, has this weird idea that those working in government, elected or no, are somehow required to take abuse... abuse that he, himself, would never dream of taking.

This entire situation is, however, partially the fault of the formerly county commissioner's failure to require civility of those shooting off their mouths by immediately ending their rants and having them removed from any public function.

The failure to act at the time... for example, the failure to act the very night the local left, deliberately whipped into a frenzy by Lefty Lou and by Steve Stuart's lies; Madore and Mielke's failure, in fact, to haul Stuart into court for his slander that night... and to subsequently remove him as chair... and then just sitting there for hours... day after day after day, as the fringe-left nut jobs heaped verbal abuse and scorn on them while they just sat there and took it?

Well, that set the standard.  And that standard has now infected the crowd in the port commission.

The commissioner/councilor's failure to put a stop to it when it started has made this the local standard of conduct.  The Port Commissioners now are bearing the "fruit" of the failure of the councilors to provide adequate, timely, negative reinforcement.  The political untermenchen class, who wouldn't DREAM of being treated the way they treat others; now believes, as Lefty believes, that they can do or say anything they like short of physical assault... for now... and that attitude is the result of "training" by the commissioners who should have shut it down the instant it first raised it's ugly head.

I freely admit that everyone has a perspective and a viewpoint and they are welcomed to them... no matter how wrong (or right) they may be.  But for a newspaper editor who has chosen to censor a great many people not only for what they say... but how they may say it... to complain about the issue of civility?  Why that is classic, Lefty Lou Brancaccio hypocrisy.

If Lefty gave a damn, he'd spend the next several years apologizing for what he's done to this community.  He'd discuss, in detail, his OWN responsibility for the destructive behaviors of the scum who routinely verbally assault those elected for having the temerity to make a decision that may not coincide with Lefty's oh-so-much-smarter than us agenda.

He'd not only treat everyone from all sides the same, he'd admit to his leftist slant and actually admit to the psychotic behavior he's exhibited over his anti-right wing obsession.

In short, he'd come clean, strive to change, become what he lies about so often (Unbiased, for example) get rid of those idiotic blogs where his bitches can beat the hell out of and lie about anything they want... because blogs are, of course, opinion only and the contents do not have to be true... and God knows Lefty and his minions have lied enough about me.

Is there a frequent total lack of civility?  Of course.  That's today's local, Brancaccian-manufactured reality.

Do our elected have to put up with it?  Of course NOT.  And when the shoe was on the other foot, and the people, led by David Madore and others, went down to Vancouver City Council, week after week after week to actually express the perspective held by most people in this county and the Vancouver City Council not only trashed them but came close to silencing them altogether, what did our resident editorial hypocrite do?

He applauded the city's actions.

And Madore and his people were a great deal more civil then both the city council... AND the scum infesting these commission/councilor meetings now... today.

And that's the crux of the matter.  The moment conservatives took over the commission, they should have implemented the Vancouver City Council rules, word for word and letter for letter.  That they did NOT implement that policy is a large part of why we're suffering this garbage today.

When the issue being presented or discussed is SUPPORTED by the rag... loot rail... the CRC Scam... the ballpark... there's no step government can take to silence those in opposition that will upset Lefty. Hell, when Madore/Tiffany Couch exposed the deliberate CRC policy of IGNORING the people while making them think they were being heard (Even though not a single change in any of the plans can be traced back to anything anyone in the public ever said) a policy that SHOULD have crushed that project immediately... Lefty barely mentioned it in his weekly Goebbelian speech... or column.

If it had been a project Lou had OPPOSED?  Well, we all know that all hell would have broken loose in the rag, and we never would have heard the end of it... instead of the "eh?" reaction we got from the democratian.

Lefty would have demanded hearings, he would have demanded that those in charge be held accountable... something he's NEVER done... $200 million vaporizing over the CRC scam notwithstanding.

Hell, 3 years on, and that clown has never mentioned the Oregon State Supreme Court decision that blew the lid off the entire reason behind the CRC Scam to begin with.

Because in Lefty's world, when the truth is a tad bit inconvenient, Lou certainly does NOT want you to hear it.

The reality is this:

Those we elect do have a certain duty to us.

But that duty does not involve putting up with rank abuse, threats, insults or character assassination.

One of my limitations is this: I have never run for any office because I know that if Ed Barnes or No Choice Royce talked to me the way they've talked to the commissioners/councilors?

I'd drop them on the spot.

Meanwhile, the man who has ALL of the answers to EVERYTHING, who is always right, every time, who is ALWAYS the smartest guy in the room, no matter it's size... won't ever run for office either.

Because God knows he would never put himself into any position he would demand of others, even in the unlikely event he could be elected dog catcher.

And that's just another of the many cornerstones of Lefty Lou's hypocrisy.

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