Sunday, June 14, 2015

The truth will out: CREDC was whining about county money in part to pay for Bomar's Paris Vacation.

Reinforcing the idea that giving a dime of taxpayer money is a complete waste, what do we find out that now, having caved, the county council has bought?

Talk about terrible optics.

Well, one of the items is a wasted trip to Paris, France, by Mike Bomar, CREDC's chief sniveler.

This county will not EVER realize any benefit from this boondoggle, you understand.  But Bomar will.

Have a nice trip, Mike.  Glad we could buy it for you.  But don't even think about peeing on our legs and calling it rain.

County, state head to Paris Air Show

Jay Schmidt, left, executive vice president and general manager of Silicon Forest Electronics in Vancouver, will attend the 51st International Paris Air Show. Schmidt stands with Frank Nichols, the company's CEO and president. ()
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By Aaron Corvin, Columbian port & economy reporter
This week presents as grand a stage as any to burnish the state of Washington's global standing as an aerospace hub: the 51st International Paris Air Show. And Clark County, home to 84 companies tied to the aerospace and defense industries, isn't about to miss out on it.
A representative of the nonprofit Columbia River Economic Development Council, the county's longtime recruiter of businesses and promoter of jobs, will be there. A leader of Silicon Forest Electronics, a Vancouver-based manufacturer of electronics services for the aerospace and unmanned systems sectors, will be there, too.
For the development council, the world's largest and longest-running aerospace trade show affords multiple opportunities. One of them is to advance a relationship with an aerospace-related company that's interested in relocating to Clark County, according to Mike Bomar, president of the Vancouver-based development council.
While he can't divulge details because of the sensitive nature of the discussions, Bomar said, he expects to talk with the company at the Paris Air Show to better understand its supply-chain relationships and to see what can be done to help it "hit the ground running."

Bomar can't "divulge details" he doesn't have... but he has to come up with SOME excuse for wasting thousands of our dollars for his vacation.  And he certainly couldn't send a lesser CREDC light to their US Corporate location... or make a phone call... or exchange emails...
"...he expects to talk with the company at the Paris Air Show to better understand its supply-chain relationships and to see what can be done to help it 'hit the ground running.'"
Nope.  This can't POSSIBLY be done ANY other way except THE most expensive way.

There's more in the article, of course.  And as you might expect, no one is questioning this complete waste of money... OUR money... because Bomar's in the downtown mafia, which has always been above question or examination around here.

But thanks to weak-willed councilors and thoughtless legislators, Mike's gonna have a REALLY nice vacation at OUR expense.

I guess he didn't know he was going to Paris while the money issue was up in the air.

Otherwise, he surely would have mentioned it... right?  Because does anyone reading this believe for one second that if the county had done the right thing and kept the cash for something worthwhile... Bomar would be heading... first class... to Paris?

I, on the other hand, am heading out on a completely unsubsidized-by-government road trip to Post Falls next week to visit my now 15 year-disabled brother.

Those supporting... and providing... this colossal waste of money ought to be ashamed of themselves.

But they won't be.  Because it wasn't THEIR money... it was ours.

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