Monday, June 15, 2015

In the end, what damage will the GOP senate in this legislative session cause us all?

In what's shaping up to becoming known as the biggest GOP betrayal in this state's history, we are being confounded by two separate GOP actions which will have devastating impacts for decades to come.

I speak, of course, of the dual betrayal of imposing an inexplicable and inexcusable gas tax on the people of this state without their permission... And WITH an emergency clause to make it impossible for us to vote on it... and the caving over the hoop the 9 Puget Sound dwarfs are holding up in front of them in a political play that has nothing to do with law... or justice... or the state constitution and everything to do with a leftist agenda.

Politically, the GOP has made the decision to commit suicide.Or, conversely, they've bought into Obamacare architect, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber's philosophy of stupid voters with short memories.

The corruption they've displayed over these two issues will haunt them for an incalculable time to come.

The lie concerning the gas tax, set up with the Lieutenant Governor in advance in return for bailing him out from his ethics issues... implemented  with what amounts to the temporary suspension of a GOP rule that Owen declared "unconstitutional" when the GOP wanted him to... as part of the cover of the gas tax scam and the additional cover provided by the obvious lie concerning the unilateral... and constitutionally impossible... application of Inslee's wasn't-ever-going-to-happen non-existent carbon tax on gasoline... or fee... or whatever they want to call it this week... in what amounts to a carefully orchestrated scam to get us to accept a horrific and unneeded jack of our gas tax...

(You remember the excuse, don't you?  We have to pass this gas tax because it's the only legislative vehicle available to keep the governor from arbitrarily... and unilaterally... imposing a horrific, economy destroying carbon tax... that those who know the constitution and the system know to be a lie... since the Governor has no such ability... and as if there was no other possible legislative way to address this without sticking it to the people with another tax increase)

Mere weeks later when the general fund budget came up, the formerly "unconstitutional" GOP rule SUDDENLY was reinstated by the same Lieutenant Governor who had a few weeks earlier declared it unconstitutional in the continuation of the deal... to enable GOP Sen. Andy Hill to begin his campaign for governor a bit early... by allowing him to vote for democrat "humanitarian" amendments that received 29 votes... but not the GOP-rule mandated 30 for passage... so Sen. Hill can tell everyone he voted for something that he knew wasn't going anywhere... but which made him look really, really good.

To some.

Yet, oddly, with the reinstatement of the formerly "unconstitutional" rule, the GOP has sat on it's hands on the gas tax.

One wonders:  Why isn't the gas tax being reconsidered?  Why hasn't that legislation been brought back up for reconsideration, given the fact that the removal of the heretofore "unconstitutional rule" that made it so possible early in session was suddenly... and inexplicably... found to be, well, gee.... NOT "unconstitutional" when the GOP needed it in place to manipulate the process for the general fund budget?

The basic, underlying theme here is obvious.

There is absolutely zero difference between the corruption of the left... and the corruption of the right.

The primary purpose, then, of the McCleary decision was not to address school funding, per se'.

Like the scam by the Lt. Governor on the issue of the GOP tax rule's "constitutionality," the McCleary decision was designed to provide cover for the GOP so they could stick it to us under the Court's decision as if that decision was legally binding... which, of course, it is not.

Those who support the leftist scam on throwing truckloads of money at a broken, union-infested education plant that puts teacher greed ahead of anything else... including the children... as they illustrated over and over and over again by abandoning their children and walking out of their classrooms... so most of them could stay home and watch Maury, or something... claim that somehow, money alone will solve the abysmal failure that is the very core of our education crisis.

It won't, of course.  We need look only at, say, Baltimore public schools where the per-student spending exceeds that here by thousands of dollars per student each.. Baltimore Public Schools receive around $18,000 per student...  and the student-teacher ratio is hovering around 15.75.

And what do they have to show for it?

Well, Baltimore sits happily in the bottom third of cities across the country in a few areas... like the 8th grader's 16% at-grade reading proficiency level... a whole 13% in math...

Or the 4th grader's 14% at-grade proficiency level in reading...  and a whooping 19% in math.

Clearly, the Court and leftist-imposed equation that money will somehow equate to outcomes... when most parents in Baltimore would be THRILLED to have the abysmal outcomes we have in THIS state... will accomplish nothing except to, ultimately, blow even larger holes in our wallets while doing next to nothing to impact the final product.

Because, you might ask yourselves... what do teachers in Baltimore have in common with teachers in our socialist state?

An absolute lack of accountability.

Who, you might ask yourself, is being held accountable for the abysmal outcomes in Baltimore? After all, what, exactly, has money solved there?  Nothing.

And the answer is "no one."

Look, I get it.  Education is, in fact, the paramount duty of the Washington State Legislature.

But it's a leftist interpretation that has boiled down the equation of "paramount duty" to equaling  "money."

I take a different read.

To me, it includes teacher and district accountability.  It means determining and addressing ALL of the problems with our education system... like the scourge of teacher unions and teacher greed.

For far too long, those issues and elements have remain unaddressed and unresolved.  But no matter what, there is far more to it than mere money... but not if the Supreme Court and the union scum are to be believed.

And the very idea the any court, anywhere, can order any legislative body to do anything... like the insanity advocated by the morons at the Seattle Times just today...

Senate bipartisan plan to fund education is best McCleary solution


Though these leaders were skeptical of the bill passing before this special session concludes at the end of the month, their colleagues should take it up in earnest and vet it as much as possible. If they cannot finish, perhaps the governor or the Supreme Court should call them back in August or September for another special session to finish the job.
And yet, very few and certainly not the Court are even discussing the issues of accountability and the lack thereof confronting us today.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court, of course, has no more ability to demand or order the Legislature go into special session and legislate than they have the right to force the legislature to do anything else. 

What right, then, would the legislature have to demand that the Court go into deliberation and adjudicate?  And not only adjudicate, but do so to achieve a specific outcome, regardless of the law and the constitution?

None.  No branch can order any other branch to do... or not do... anything.

But the left is giddy at the prospect that somehow, a branch of government (The Judiciary) has the ability to control both of the other two branches (Executive and Legislative) merely by writing a letter and signing it.

And the leftists and the media have bought into the false meme that money equals outcomes, and I tell you now: if that equation were true, Baltimore Public Schools would be cranking out Ivy League students with SAT scores that would put ours to shame across the board instead of the rioting, ignorant thugs they're cranking out now.

Nevertheless, this dangerous precedent is being set into place by an all too compliant... and therefore, complicit... GOP State Senate.  Because if the Court can take control over the Legislature on this issue, they can take control over the Legislature on ANY issue.

If they decide they don't like the tax system (And isn't it the leftist dream around here to implement a state income tax?) then what's to keep those clowns from putting another fantasy spin on this state's constitution, seeing things that are SIMPLY NOT IN THERE, to justify any outcome the Court wants?

Why wouldn't they?  If the Legislature gives the Court this power once... then what's to stop the Court in the future?

We are long since past the time to put an end to this.  But the GOP will do nothing, of course, because we are getting the outcome, ultimately, that they, the GOP State Senate, wants... the same outcome the leftists infesting government today want... because, well, golly gee... the Supreme Court MADE us do it.

Except I know that's a crock.  And I'm fairly sure that most people will know it before the election next year.

It's not unlike the horrific federal deficit... which continues to grow by the trillion, even with GOP control of Congress... and GOP control of the US House for the last 5 years.

Someone, much smarter than I, once pointed out not all that long ago that if Congress... and that includes the GOP House and Senate... did not want there to be a deficit... there wouldn't be one.

And how that applies here...

If the GOP State Senate had not wanted it, we would not have had the state version of the Dream Act pass last session; where, among other things, people who are not even supposed to be in this COUNTRY are now eligible for the same state-subsidized grants that those who ARE here legally have to compete for... meaning that frequently, illegal aliens will be directly getting funding that was meant for American citizens... to go to schools they aren't even supposed to be here to to attend at all.

THIS is the kind of betrayal this session hath wrought, so to speak.

It's part and parcel of why I'm out of campaigning, as those I fought for and worked so hard to get into government all too frequently forget why they are there and who they answer to.... Why so many of them are reduced to lies and subterfuge for their agenda because they fear the wrath of those they allegedly "represent".

It's a pity I won't get those years off my life back.

Meanwhile, this year has proven to this former State GOP Executive Director that those who claim that there's no difference between any of the political parties... are more right than they are wrong.

In this case, the issue is more one of a slicker presentation than it is anything of substance.  Because the LAST thing any GOP supporter ever expected was for the GOP to out-democrat the democrats... at, essentially, any level, state or federal.

And that's what's going on here... today.... right now.  And in the end... the damage this institutional betrayal will cause is impossible to quantify. 

Every time I... and millions of others... tank up, we'll be reminded of GOP perfidy.  Every time we wonder why the GOP in the Senate has failed to CUT the budget... McCleary will be the watchword and how the Supreme Court screwed an entire state with the GOP's help.

I'll never forget... and neither should you.

And that damage will last for decades.

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