Friday, June 19, 2015

More GOP idiocy on Obamacare subsidy: ANOTHER betrayal.

"That have to have a plan so they don't feel they'll get blamed for this."  The "this" being the Supreme Court's likely anti-Obamacare decision.

I admit it: I live in an alternate universe.

We just went through an election cycle where, by huge margins, people who ran on a platform of getting rid of Obamacare won.

And now, because of GOP cowardice, they're running terrified that the Supreme Court will do what the GOP was sent to DC TO do: get rid of Obamacare.

This has been in the hopper for months now.  More than adequate time to make a plan to reel this hideous nightmare back to a non-government interventionist stance.

That is, after all, what those clowns were sent there today.

But is that what they ARE going to do?

Of course not.

Political Cornflakes

blog-photo News roundup: GOP may keep Obamacare subsidies if high court strikes them down

First Published Jun 18 2015 07:36AM      Last Updated Jun 18 2015 07:36 am
GOP may keep Obamacare subsidies if high court strikes them down. Utah lawmakers consider primary runoffs. Dougall backs term limits.

Happy Thursday. Republicans are considering a plan to keep Obamacare insurance subsidies for up to two years if the Supreme Court strikes down the part of the law that says residents of states that didn’t set up their own health care exchanges -- including Utah -- can’t get federal help. "We’re going to be prepared," said Senate Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch. "We wouldn’t call them subsidies. But we’d certainly keep people whole so that they wouldn’t suffer because of this interim time." [Politico]
It did not take this long to plan for the invasion of Normandy.

Obamacare is a cancer.  It's an unconstitutional, far reaching income redistribution scam that targets those with money to fork it over to those without.

This shows the basic lack of guts, vision and backbone of the RINO "leadership" that so many sweat blood to get elected.

Instead of doing the RIGHT thing, they're going to do what they stupidly believe will get them called the last amount of bad names... as if the democrats bleating that a bill the majority of this nation's voters have hated since it's inception will somehow result in a bad outcome for the GOP... because God knows, we already have their measure as the party of cowards.

GOP supporters... you proud of these leaders of the party of betrayal?

They have had YEARS to prepare for this.

Now, they're running around like chickens collectively decapitated.


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