Friday, June 19, 2015

A quick course in decisive leadership for the GOP State Senate.

Sigh.  Both parties in Olympia are a disgrace.

Having sold us out on the gas tax scam, it was inevitable that the GOP Senate would/will sell us all the way out on everything else as well.

The democrats, sensing blood in the water, are demanding unneeded tax increases while they hold the state hostage with a bogus "shut down threat" coming up in a few days.

Here's how the Senate can regain the "mo" and get this back under control.

1.  Drop a bill, right now, with the current budget in place that will make this budget the same for the next biennium.  Take the last budget, put a current bill number on it, drop it and pass it.  Today.

At the federal level, this is a version of a "continuing resolution."  The fed does it all the time.  So can our legislature.

Give both sides 15 minutes to complain in floor speeches and then hold a roll call vote and PASS it. Send it to the House.

2.  Tell the dems in the House that they have 72 hours to approve your transportation budget unless they want to take the gas tax out of it... which, in fact, should never have been in it in the first place... then they get 96 hours or the whole thing is off the table.  Over.  Done.

Adjourn.  Go home.  

And wait.

That's what the GOP SHOULD do... but will they?

Off course not.  They're letting the dems call all the shots (Ending negotiations on the transpo budget until the general fund is passed?  Swell, The GOP can do the same on the general fund until the transpo budget is passed.) because they've only got a single testicle in the GOP Leadership between them.


The GOP Senate can't even PROPERLY screw the people.  They're even incompetent about THAT.

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